Car Insurance Discounts For Teachers

On average, car insurance for educators costs $151/mo or $1,812 annually for car insurance. You can lower those rates with teacher car insurance discounts. Car insurance discounts for teachers include low mileage and safe driver discounts. Certain companies also specialize in car discounts for teachers only. You can save 15% on your car insurance just by being an educator.

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Here's What You Need to Know

  • On average, teachers pay $151 per month or $1,812 per year for car insurance.
  • You can find teacher-specific discounts from local and national companies, or you can use companies that only serve educators, like Teachers Insurance Co. or Horace Mann.
  • Teachers are often eligible for many other car insurance discounts as well, like safe driver discounts or low-mileage discounts.
  • Owning a home, being married, and bundling your insurance policies will also help lower teacher car insurance rates.

Teachers, did you know your occupation can impact your average car insurance rates? On average, teachers pay $151 per month or $1,812 annually for insurance.

There are many car insurance discounts for teachers that can help keep annual premiums low. Read through our comprehensive guide to learn more about teacher car insurance discounts and to get a better idea of how your insurance rates are calculated.

Understanding your car insurance policy doesn’t have to take up too much of your time. Many factors impact your car insurance quotes. Besides your job, companies will consider your age, your ZIP code, your driving record, and sometimes even your credit history to determine your rates.

Take a deep dive with us as we look at average car insurance rates teachers pay across the country and uncover the various discounts applicable for our hardworking educators.

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What do you need to know about car insurance for teachers?

Do teachers need car insurance? Yes, car insurance coverage is legally required in 49 states, and teachers must meet those requirements just like everybody else.

For most states, the minimum coverage requirements consist of liability coverage only (bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage). However, some states also require medical payments coverage, personal injury protection, or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. You will need to check the laws in your state to know exactly what is required for your auto insurance policy.

Liability insurance only covers another party’s damages and injuries after an accident that you cause. If you want to have your own damages covered after an accident or other incident involving your car, you will need to add collision coverage and comprehensive coverage to your policy.

On average, teachers pay $151 per month for car insurance, which amounts to about $1,812 per year.

However, many variables are used to determine your car insurance rates.

To evaluate how risky of a driver you are, companies take into consideration your individual demographics.

Depending on what state you live in, your age, gender, driving record, ZIP code, credit history, commute length, and even the type of car you drive could all affect your annual premium.

According to DataUSA, there are more middle school and elementary school teachers across the country than any other kind. However, educators can also work in early childhood development, post-secondary education, or special education.

Take a look at some national educator statistics in the table below.

Key Teacher Occupational Facts
Teacher OccupationTotal Number of TeachersAverage Annual Teacher SalaryAverage Teacher AgeTeacher Gender Majority
Elementary and middle school teachers3,810,000$49,74142.778.5% Female
High school teachers750,000$55,26142.958.4% Female
Special education teachers253,000$46,61342.686.3% Female
Post secondary teachers1,400,000$66,87045.450.4% Male
Other teachers806,000$33,74838.959.5% Female
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Using the data as our guide, the average American educator is a 42-year-old female whose annual salary is around $50,000. If you’re a teacher who fits this description, expect to receive some of the best average car insurance rates.

Women tend to receive lower car insurance quotes than men, although some states have banned using gender as a means for calculating rates.

Similarly, divers over the age of 35 also receive more affordable quotes. Car insurance companies are aware of the fact that with age comes experience.

More experienced drivers tend to be safer, cause fewer accidents, and file fewer claims than younger drivers.

If you are not a female teacher in her 40s, don’t worry. There are still plenty of discounts you can use to help keep your rates just as low. Keep reading to learn more.

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What teacher-only discounts are available from auto insurance companies?

Do teachers get discounts on car insurance? Yes, you certainly can receive specific teacher-only discounts from different car insurance companies. But be prepared to ask an agent directly about the discount details.

Not all discounts and specials are listed on company websites.

Both local and larger insurance providers sometimes offer specific insurance discounts for teachers as a way to give back to the community and show support for our public and private school educators.

To qualify for these discounts, you usually have to submit proof of employment, such as a photocopy of your teacher ID card.

Remember, these specific discounted policies vary by state and even sometimes by insurance company branch. Therefore, when shopping for car insurance, it’s important to ask about occupational discounts upfront.

Take a look at the table below to see what companies offer teacher discounts.

Car Insurance Discounts for Teachers
CompaniesFurther Education DiscountsOccupation Discounts
21st CenturyNoNo
AllstateNoYes- n/a
American FamilyNoNo
AmeripriseYes- n/aNo
Country FinancialYes- n/aYes- 10%
EsuranceYes- 15%Yes- n/a
FarmersNoYes- n/a
GeicoYes- n/aYes- n/a
Liberty MutualYes- 10%Yes- 10%
MetLifeNoYes- n/a
NationwideYes- 15%Yes- 15%
Safe AutoNoNo
SafecoYes- n/aYes- n/a
State FarmNoNo
The GeneralNoNo
The HanoverYes- n/aYes- n/a
The HartfordNoYes- 10%
TravelersYes- n/aYes- n/a
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Great news. If you’re an American educator, you can potentially save up to 15 percent on car insurance just because of your job.

Educators can also receive discounted car insurance rates from car insurance companies that specialize in reduced rates specifically for teachers. Just like USAA is a military-specific insurance company that helps active and retired military personnel and their families, some groups do the same thing but for teachers and educators.

The two main companies that offer discounted car insurance rates for educators in any school system are Teachers Insurance Co. and Horace Mann Insurance.

Horace Mann is actually the parent company of Teachers Insurance Co.

Similarly, teachers who are also members of the National Education Agency, or NEA, may also receive discounted car insurance as a benefit of membership in the organization. You might also receive additional discounts for travel, car purchases, and store memberships, like Costco.

Our expert advice when it comes to teachers’ car insurance? Educators should always compare quotes from several different insurance providers before choosing one to purchase. Comparison shopping makes finding cheap car insurance for teachers much easier and faster.

If you serve as an educator, you should shop around for teachers’ insurance rates online. Doing so will ensure that your hard-earned money as a teacher is going towards the best policy for you and your needs.

What other discounts do teachers get on car insurance?

Beyond teacher-specific discounts, there are other ways teachers can save on car insurance rates. Car insurance companies realize that offering discounts is an excellent way to keep policyholders they already have from leaving and to also encourage people who are unhappy to switch companies.

In addition to a teacher’s car insurance discount, there are many other discounts that you should check to see if you qualify for.

From your level of education to your driving distance, let’s explore various discount options in more detail.

Education Discount

In some states, if you’ve earned a higher level of education, you can also receive discounted insurance rates. Insurance companies believe that having a degree proves a person is very responsible.

Responsible people not only tend to drive safer but also usually make payments on time.

As a teacher, you have to earn a degree before entering the workforce. Some teachers have bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees. Others may have even higher levels of education.

Low Mileage Driver Discount

Another discount that is common among teachers is a discount for low-mileage driving. However, in order to qualify for a low mileage car insurance discount, you have to drive much less than average, and every company uses different requirements.

When you compare rates, do not hesitate to reach out to specific agents from companies you are interested in to find out more details.

This type of discount is great for teachers who are transitioning to distance learning or who are working remotely. It is also great for teachers who live close to school, who carpool to work, or who use public transportation daily.

If you drive less than average, you can receive a car insurance discount of up to 10 percent.

Owning a home

Many teachers are also homeowners. If you own your home, you can get a discount for that as well. Not only do statistics suggest that homeowners are safer drivers, but companies love when customers bundle policies.

If you choose to purchase your homeowner’s insurance and car insurance as a bundle through the same company, you can receive some hefty discounts. Do you have more than one vehicle? That will help even more.

Bundling different policies through one company gives that company a lot of extra business. As a reward, your overall rates will be lower.

Being married

Teachers that are married can qualify for an additional discount as well. There is no limit on how long you have to be married so newlyweds and educators celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary will qualify for the same discount.

Being married also sets you up to combine your policy or policies with your spouse. If you and your spouse drive multiple vehicles, you can qualify for a multi-car insurance discount.

We’ve already discussed how beneficial bundling policies can be for your wallet. Be sure to take advantage of those savings.

Safe driver discounts

How is your driving record? Teachers tend to be very responsible drivers. If you rarely ever file insurance claims and have a clean driving record, you are eligible for some great savings.

What is a safe driver discount? Basically, the longer you go without an accident or a claim, the cheaper your car insurance will be. By keeping your driving record clean, you’ll be able to maintain this discount.

Car Make and Model

Finally, the type of car you drive will have an impact on your discount options as well. If you drive an economically smart vehicle with great safety ratings and crash test ratings, your rates will be lower.

Don’t forget, if you add any additional safety features to your vehicles, such as an alarm system and anti-lock brakes, you become eligible for even more discounts, like an anti-lock brake insurance discount.

Check out some other discounts teachers can qualify for in the following video from Helpful DIY.

It is important to note that not every company will offer the same types of discounts. Larger companies usually have more options than smaller, local companies. However, local companies are sometimes able to offer more specific discounts for community members like teachers.

When you get a quote for car insurance, some of the more common discounts might already be applied to your quote. However, there may be more that you qualify for that were not included. Therefore, you should never be afraid to ask insurance agents questions about the services they offer.

Our expert tip? Make a list of the discounts you believe you are eligible for and ask about each one before signing your name on the dotted line.

What affects car insurance rates for teachers?

Insurance companies calculate your insurance rates based on how risky a driver you are to insure. This is why younger drivers, like teenagers, receive higher than average rates. Not only are they statistically responsible for causing more accidents, but they also lack driving experience.

Fortunately, teachers are not only integral and important members of the community, but insurance companies also assume that teachers are going to be more responsible drivers.

However, being a teacher is not enough to garner you low insurance rates. You will still have to meet the other requirements of the insurance company to qualify for lower rates.

For example, if you are a terrible driver and have a lot of claims on your driving record, or if you live and drive in an area that has a high rate of accidents, you could see an increase in your overall rates even as a teacher.

Customarily, insurance companies will consider your commute length, driving record, ZIP code, and even your age when determining your rates. However, the type of car you drive, who else drives your vehicle, and even how often you’ve changed insurance companies can all affect your quotes as well.

While not all of these things are within your control, The good news is that you have the capability to change some of these factors so you can best take advantage of cheaper rates.

To complicate matters further, every company uses a different equation to calculate your rates. Some companies might give you a bigger break for having a short commute, while others might charge you more for being under the age of 40.

This is why it is so important to get multiple quotes from various companies before you make your final purchase.

You can obtain free quotes from the car insurance providers that specialize in insurance for teachers, and generic national companies as well.

Let’s take a closer look at what specifically can cause your car insurance rates to increase or decrease based on how companies calculate your premium.

Commute Length and Teacher Car Insurance Rates

If the length of your commute is longer than average, it can sometimes cause your insurance rates to increase. The average American drives 14,132 miles annually. Nationally, the average commute length is around 26 minutes.

Don’t worry, not every insurance company will factor in commute length when determining your rates.

If your drive to your school is extra-long, be sure to get quotes from companies who leave driving distances off of their calculations.

Driving Record and Teacher Car Insurance Rates

Your driving record can drastically impact your overall car insurance rates. Teacher or not, committing a traffic violation will almost always cause your rates to increase. Even a single speeding ticket can cause your premium to go up by over $100 annually.

If you do have a messy driving history, consider looking into accident forgiveness programs.

Some companies will dismiss minor violations from your record to help keep your rates lower.

However, if you commit too many infractions, some companies might refuse to insure you altogether. You will then need to seek out high-risk car insurance, which will be much pricier.

ZIP Code and Teacher Car Insurance Rates

As a teacher, your average insurance rates will change depending on where in the country you live. Every state has different car insurance laws and requirements, which means the rates you pay for your auto policy will vary by state as well.

If you live in a major city with a higher population density, your car insurance will probably cost more than if you live in a rural, smaller town.

The cheapest insurance costs are found in areas with very low crime rates, very low accident rates, and fewer cars on the road.

Age and Teacher Car Insurance Rates

To insurance companies, age translates to driving experience. Older drivers are usually more experienced and are therefore safer on the roads.

Teenage drivers receive the highest average car insurance rates. When you turn 25, you usually see a substantial decrease in your rates.

The average teacher in America is close to the age of 43. If you are close to that age, you can expect to receive some of the most affordable car insurance quotes.

Car Make and Model and Teacher Car Insurance Rates

The type of car you drive as a teacher will also change what you pay for insurance. If you drive a luxury vehicle, for example, your rates will be higher than if you drive a budget-friendly economy sedan.

The logic is pretty easy to follow. Cars that are more expensive to replace or fix receive higher insurance premiums. Vehicles that are older and are cheaper to replace have lower premiums.

However, newer cars tend to have safer security systems and better crash test ratings, which can help mitigate those extra costs.

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What are the best car insurance companies for teachers?

You’ve compiled your list of car insurance companies that you’re interested in and sought out quotes.

Once you had all of your quotes in hand, you asked about the educator discounts offered by each company and then compared the rates to see which one offered the best possible discount and deal for your car insurance.

But the cheapest car insurance policy is not necessarily the best policy. So how do you pick the right one?

The answer is simple, just do some research.

Even though a car insurance company may offer great rates and discounts for educators, you also want to make sure that the company you choose has great customer service reviews and an easy claims process.

It’s also important that the company you buy insurance from is financially stable enough to close out all of your claims, even in the event of an economic downturn.

To review customer satisfaction from each company on your list, survey data from J.D. Power and Associates, the Better Business Bureau, and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners complaint index.

You’ll not only see real customer reviews, but also where your selected car insurance companies rank in the national data.

To research the financial health and stability of car insurance companies on your list, check sites such as A.M. Best, S&P Global, or Fitch Ratings.

You can also check your state’s regulatory agency to determine the market share in your state for each of your selected companies.

The most important thing a teacher can do to save money on their car insurance is to research several car insurance companies before deciding on one.

How can teachers comparison shop for car insurance?

Educators will get the best car insurance rates and discounts by shopping around and comparing car insurance carriers.

Using a web-based car insurance comparison tool makes the task of shopping around and comparing car insurance companies quick and easy to accomplish.

Spending an hour or so using a comparison tool to perform side by side comparisons of different companies and rates will enable you to get the best possible deal on your car insurance rates.

Look closely at the insurance products offered by each company you consider, as well as their rates, discounts, and financial strength and customer service ratings. If you have questions about coverage options, call an agent to discuss your needs.

Spending some time researching car insurance providers will allow you to find the educator discount you deserve so you can receive the most affordable auto insurance for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions: Car Insurance Discounts for Teachers

You are now an expert on auto insurance discounts for teachers. From comparing quotes to filing teachers’ car insurance claims, you really can do it all.

Now that you know more about car insurance deals for teachers, you might know everything you need. However, if you have any more questions, check out some commonly asked ones below.

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#1 – Are my supplies and teaching materials covered if stolen out of my car?

Many car insurance providers will accommodate teachers with such protection. You will need to ask your insurance provider if you need to carry custom coverage to protect school supplies in your car. Some insurance providers will waive your deductible if an incident of theft or vandalism occurs on school property or during a school event.

#2 – May I skip payments in the summer when school is not in session?

Teachers often experience a lag in their income during the summer months. Some car insurance providers will allow teachers to skip payments, or schedule their payments around the summer months, but not always. Ask your provider for details if this is something you require.

#3 – Can you get a new car teacher discount?

Yes, some dealerships offer new car teacher discounts. Where do teachers get discounts on these new vehicles? You can find car offers for teachers from most major vehicle manufacturers. Dealerships that offer teacher car discounts include Fiat Chrysler, Ford, GM, and Volkswagen.

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#4 – Are there homeowners insurance teacher discounts?

Yes, home insurance or renters insurance for teachers can be discounted in similar ways to car insurance. While it’s not possible to bundle teachers’ health and car insurance, you can bundle home and car insurance for more savings. Be sure to ask an agent for more specific details.

Ready to buy car insurance for teachers? Just enter your ZIP code into our FREE quote comparison tool below to receive some great educator rates.

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