New York Car Insurance [Rates + Cheap Coverage Guide]

The average New York Car insurance rates for liability coverage are $67.04/mo. New York car insurance minimum coverage requirements are 25/50/10 for bodily injury and property damages.

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UPDATED: Jun 2, 2022

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Written By: Laura BerryReviewed By: Joel OhmanUPDATED: Jun 2, 2022Fact Checked

New York Statistics SummaryDetails
Road Miles in New YorkVehicle Miles: 127.2 billion
Miles of Roadway: 114,365
VehiclesRegistered Vehicles: 10.3 million
Motor Vehicle Thefts: 15,313
State Population19,819,347
Most Popular Vehicle in New YorkNissan Rogue
Percent of Motorists Uninsured6.10%
State Rank: 50
Total Driving Related Deaths2008-2017
Speeding Fatalities: 308
Drunk Driving Fatalities: 295
Average Annual PremiumsLiability: $804.51
Collision: $385.02
Comprehensive: $171.12
Cheapest ProviderGeico
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Living in New York is nothing less than a dream with the best of everything right out of your doorstep, from the glamour of Broadway shows to the serenity of Central Park to the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes and the Catskills. Naturally, the state is flocked by people from all over the world making it a little daunting to drive on those famous avenues.

If you own a car in the Empire State, you would definitely need to know about the high cost of car insurance.

And, you really can’t blame the car insurance companies for charging exorbitant premiums – they need to make the ends meet and cover losses from frequent accidents and fraudulent claims.

But, if you’re careful on the road and research the car insurance market well, you can get some great quotes for car insurance as well as discounts.

Keeping the best of your interest in our mind, we are writing this in-depth guide so that you are aware of everything related to car insurance in New York.

Before diving into the guide, you can compare rates from different providers by entering your ZIP code in our FREE online tool above.

Table of Contents

New York Car Insurance Coverage and Rates

If you have an idea about the minimum coverage requirements, available coverage options, and rates in your ZIP code, chances are you would be able to get a quote that’s suitable for your needs.

As we can see above, location, location, location is everything when it comes to determining your rates. Also, if you’re new to New York, you can choose a ZIP code to live in that would help you minimize the cost of premiums – we understand that’s not the sole criterion for choosing an apartment anywhere. However, in a city like Manhattan, it can save you thousands of dollars.

Now, let’s get into the details that matter the most.

What is the minimum car insurance in NY?

New York is a no-fault state which means that your insurance carrier would pay for the damages in an accident irrespective of who was at fault.

The financial outlay required after an accident to cover damages is paid from the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage that motorists in New York have to carry with their car insurance policy.

But how do the minimum car insurance costs in New York compare with its continental neighbors? See our chart below!

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We would cover the different types of auto insurance coverage that you must know about but before that let’s look at the state-mandated coverage that you are required to buy.

  • Personal injury Liability Coverage: $25,000 per person with a maximum of $50,000 per accident
  • Liability Coverage for Death: $50,000 per person with a maximum of $100,000 per accident
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: $10,000 per accident
  • Personal Injury Protection: $50,000 per person
  • Uninsured Motorists Coverage: $25,000 per person with a maximum of $50,000 per accident

What do these coverage options mean?

  • Liability Coverage: Liability covers the harm you cause in an accident that might lead to expenses on account of personal injury and property damage. In New York, there’s a higher liability limit if the accident leads to death/deaths of passengers.
  • No Fault or Personal Injury Protection Coverage: PIP pays for the medical expenses, lost earnings, and other reasonable expenses due to an injury to you or other passengers in the car or pedestrians irrespective of your fault.
  • Uninsured Motorists Coverage: If you’re hit by a motorist who isn’t covered by insurance then your uninsured coverage would pay for the damages in that accident.

In most of the states – that follow the at-fault system – motorists aren’t required to buy PIP coverage. This might save you some money on a monthly basis, however, in the event of an accident PIP really saves your day.

As New York follows the no-fault system, motorists aren’t allowed to bring a lawsuit against the at-fault party in an accident, unless they sustain a serious injury as defined in the New York Insurance Law §5102(d).

What is considered a serious injury that would allow someone to sue the at-fault party?

  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • Broken Bone
  • Fetus Loss
  • Major Disfigurement
  • Losing the ability to use a body organ permanently

If your injury falls in one of the above categories, only then you can file a suit to claim damages for your pain and suffering. Lawsuits can also be brought if the expenses of damages are more than the coverage limit.

Important Note: Since auto insurance is mandatory in New York, make sure that you continuously maintain car insurance coverage as the New York Department of Motor Vehicles uses a system, known as Insurance Information and Enforcement System (IIES), to monitor the coverage status of registered vehicles.

Forms of Financial Responsibility in New York

In case you cause an accident, you’re legally responsible to pay the damages that may arise from the aftermath. Buying insurance coverage would absolve you from any financial responsibility, as your car insurance carrier would be liable to settle the damages.

But, what if you don’t want to buy insurance coverage? You have a few alternates to car insurance coverage.

  • You can keep a security deposit of $150,000 with the New York DMV
  • You can also keep a surety bond that covers the minimum state coverage requirement
  • Those who own 25 or more vehicles can insure themselves through a self-insurance policy along with a proof of their financial ability to pay-off damages in an accident

Although these options are available to motorists, it’s usually much easier and less expensive to buy car insurance coverage instead.

Premiums as a Percentage of Income in New York

Premiums as percentage of income in New York

In 2014, the full coverage annual premium was $1,327.82 while the personal disposable income was $47,446. If you do the math, New Yorkers had to spend around 2.8 percent of their income on auto insurance premiums.

You can also use our calculator to know how much you’re spending on premiums.


From 2012, the ratio of premiums to income has increased from 2.77 percent to 2.80 percent in New York. In it’s adjacent state of New Jersey, motorists had to spend around 2.76 percent of their income on premiums in 2014.

Knowing about the percentage that you would spend on premiums helps you to budget for auto insurance costs in advance.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates in NY (Liability, Collision, Comprehensive)

What is the average cost of car insurance in New York?

View as image

The chart above illustrates the average annual premiums that New Yorkers paid for auto insurance in 2015. For liability coverage, the average premium was $804 which is much higher than the collision and comprehensive coverage of $385 and $171, respectively.

Liability coverage pays for personal injury and property damages to the third-party when you cause an accident, while collision and comprehensive cover damages only in specific circumstances that may not lead to significant expenses.

What are Collision and Comprehensive coverage and how are those useful?

If you hit an object or another car, collision coverage kicks-in, provided you have opted for it, and your insurance carrier would pay the damages. Comprehensive coverage, on the other hand, covers damages that were caused by circumstances out of your control, such as fire, vandalism, storms, floods or any other acts of nature.

While liability coverage is a must-have legal requirement to drive in New York, collision and comprehensive coverage can also save you a lot of money if your car gets damaged while driving.

Additional Liability Coverage in New York

Loss Ratio201520142013
Medical Payments76.50%63.73%56.96%
Personal Injury Protection72.66%70.58%72.29%
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist58.85%55.91%57.09%
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The above table illustrates the loss ratio of insurance companies for a period of three years. The percentage shows the ratio of premiums that the insurers have settled as claims.

Let’s try to understand loss ratio with an example – If an insurer has earned $100 in premiums and the loss ratio is 76 percent, then the insurance company has paid $76 in claims settlement.

Medical payments cover medical and funeral expenses for the passengers and pedestrians from an auto accident irrespective of fault. It tends to augment the amount required for medical expenses if the accident was severe.

Though many consider medical payments as an unnecessary expense, the benefits can outweigh the expenditure if you are involved in a major crash. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to assess your personal situation before adding medical payments to your coverage.

The state law of New York requires everyone to carry uninsured motorist coverage which helps to pay damages if you’re hit by a motorist who’s uninsured or underinsured.

In New York, around 6.10 percent motorists were uninsured in 2015 as per the Insurance Information Institute. Thankfully, the percentage of uninsured motorists in New York is the second-lowest amongst all the states in America.

Still, if you’re hit by an uninsured motorist, chances of which are low in New York, your coverage would pay damages over and above what the at-fault motorist can pay, if he has any insurance at all.

Add-ons, Endorsements, and Riders in New York

What else can you buy to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances?

Insurance companies offer many add-ons and riders which you should take a look at before buying coverage.

Pay-As-You-Drive or Usage-Based Insurance

Are you tired of paying a high auto premium in New York?

And, do you think that insurance companies should reward good driving behavior by way of lower premiums?

Well, if the answer to those questions is a yes, then you should look at usage-based insurance.

In usage-based insurance, also known as “pay-how-you-drive,” “pay-as-you-drive,” or “pay-as-you-go car insurance”, insurers record your driving behavior and offer discounts on premiums if you drive within the speed limit, rarely slam breaks, or have low daily mileage.

With the advent of the Internet of Things, insurance companies have started installing telematics devices in motor vehicles that keep a track of your driving pattern and relays the data to your insurer.

Interestingly, the state of New York encourages insurance carriers to explore the benefits of telematics devices for consumers and actively seeks applications from insurers to implement this new-age technology across the state.

If you want to understand usage-based insurance in detail, you can watch this quick video.

Since pay-as-you-go has gained traction in the last couple of years only, your insurance agent may not remember to mention this to you. While taking a quote, don’t forget to ask if your insurance company offers usage-based discounts.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates by Age & Gender in NY

Insurance CompanyMarried 35-year old female Annual RateMarried 35-year old male Annual RateMarried 60-year old female Annual RateMarried 60-year old male Annual RateSingle 17-year old female Annual RateSingle 17-year old male Annual RateSingle 25-year old female Annual RateSingle 25-year old male Annual Rate
Liberty Mutual$4,808.02$4,808.02$4,476.84$4,476.84$9,371.20$14,468.63$4,808.02$5,108.28
State Farm$2,838.51$2,838.51$2,481.13$2,481.13$8,316.70$10,504.50$3,126.63$3,289.54
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When you look at the premium rates for different age groups and gender, you would notice that for single 17-year-old males the rates are much higher than their female counterparts.

View as image

In other age groups, the rates are more or less the same for males and females. This just bolsters the fact that as you grow older, insurance companies tend to incorporate other personal factors into rate calculation and a person’s gender takes a backseat.

You can also take a look at the ranks of different insurance carriers by the premium rates.

CompanyDemographicAverage Annual RateRank
Liberty MutualSingle 17-year old male$14,468.631
State FarmSingle 17-year old male$10,504.502
AllstateSingle 17-year old male$10,059.133
USAASingle 17-year old male$9,428.854
AllstateSingle 17-year old female$9,411.785
Liberty MutualSingle 17-year old female$9,371.206
TravelersSingle 17-year old male$9,050.237
ProgressiveSingle 17-year old male$8,515.778
State FarmSingle 17-year old female$8,316.709
NationwideSingle 17-year old male$8,143.1210
USAASingle 17-year old female$7,919.4911
ProgressiveSingle 17-year old female$7,736.9912
TravelersSingle 17-year old female$7,651.8013
GeicoSingle 17-year old male$5,542.2414
NationwideSingle 17-year old female$5,431.4615
Liberty MutualSingle 25-year old male$5,108.2816
Liberty MutualMarried 35-year old female$4,808.0217
Liberty MutualMarried 35-year old male$4,808.0217
Liberty MutualSingle 25-year old female$4,808.0217
Liberty MutualMarried 60-year old female$4,476.8420
Liberty MutualMarried 60-year old male$4,476.8420
NationwideSingle 25-year old male$3,859.2222
GeicoSingle 17-year old female$3,737.2623
TravelersSingle 25-year old male$3,593.5624
TravelersSingle 25-year old female$3,491.9925
TravelersMarried 35-year old female$3,320.7426
TravelersMarried 35-year old male$3,298.9327
State FarmSingle 25-year old male$3,289.5428
TravelersMarried 60-year old male$3,202.9429
AllstateMarried 35-year old female$3,193.7830
State FarmSingle 25-year old female$3,126.6331
AllstateSingle 25-year old male$3,110.2632
AllstateSingle 25-year old female$3,106.8333
AllstateMarried 60-year old male$3,052.9734
TravelersMarried 60-year old female$3,020.1435
AllstateMarried 60-year old female$3,012.9336
NationwideMarried 35-year old female$3,003.6937
NationwideMarried 35-year old male$3,003.6937
NationwideSingle 25-year old female$3,003.6937
AllstateMarried 35-year old male$2,980.0440
ProgressiveSingle 25-year old female$2,948.9441
State FarmMarried 35-year old female$2,838.5142
State FarmMarried 35-year old male$2,838.5142
NationwideMarried 60-year old female$2,829.3044
NationwideMarried 60-year old male$2,829.3044
ProgressiveSingle 25-year old male$2,816.1746
USAASingle 25-year old male$2,782.8747
USAASingle 25-year old female$2,515.8548
State FarmMarried 60-year old female$2,481.1349
State FarmMarried 60-year old male$2,481.1349
ProgressiveMarried 35-year old female$2,317.7451
ProgressiveMarried 35-year old male$2,134.3052
USAAMarried 35-year old female$1,961.3753
USAAMarried 35-year old male$1,928.0754
ProgressiveMarried 60-year old male$1,867.6455
ProgressiveMarried 60-year old female$1,831.6456
USAAMarried 60-year old male$1,780.2857
USAAMarried 60-year old female$1,776.7058
GeicoMarried 35-year old female$1,775.9659
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Rates by ZIP Codes in New York

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This is what we were talking about at the beginning of the guide – you can check the premium rates by ZIP code and city name.

25 Most Expensive Zip Codes in New York CityAverage Annual Rate by Zip CodeMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Annual Rate2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive Annual RateCheapest CompanyCheapest Annual Rate2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Annual Rate
11212BROOKLYN$10,751.24Liberty Mutual$17,558.88Travelers$11,880.71GEICO$5,780.57USAA$8,278.50
11233BROOKLYN$10,703.01Liberty Mutual$17,558.88Travelers$11,775.55GEICO$5,780.57USAA$8,278.50
11213BROOKLYN$10,646.36Liberty Mutual$17,558.88Travelers$11,775.55GEICO$5,780.57Progressive$8,079.76
11207BROOKLYN$10,606.21Liberty Mutual$17,558.88Travelers$11,880.71GEICO$5,780.57Progressive$7,402.08
11225BROOKLYN$10,427.03Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$11,586.05GEICO$5,780.57USAA$7,853.79
11216BROOKLYN$10,399.95Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$11,586.05GEICO$5,780.57Progressive$7,438.55
11221BROOKLYN$10,399.36Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$11,617.80GEICO$5,780.57Progressive$7,402.08
11239BROOKLYN$10,287.12Liberty Mutual$17,558.88Allstate$11,528.93GEICO$5,780.57Progressive$7,489.08
11203BROOKLYN$10,251.67Liberty Mutual$17,558.88Travelers$11,880.71GEICO$5,300.14Progressive$8,079.76
11236BROOKLYN$10,242.23Liberty Mutual$17,558.88Travelers$11,880.71GEICO$5,300.14USAA$8,278.50
11208BROOKLYN$10,105.99Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$11,613.31GEICO$5,780.57Progressive$7,844.91
11206BROOKLYN$9,964.09Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$11,642.66GEICO$5,780.57Progressive$6,585.30
11226BROOKLYN$9,920.06Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$11,144.66GEICO$5,300.14Progressive$8,159.70
11234BROOKLYN$9,739.93Liberty Mutual$15,452.41Travelers$11,651.31GEICO$5,300.14Progressive$7,716.90
11235BROOKLYN$9,670.87Liberty Mutual$15,452.41Travelers$11,115.43GEICO$5,300.14Progressive$8,066.79
11210BROOKLYN$9,652.77Liberty Mutual$15,452.41Travelers$11,651.31GEICO$5,300.14Progressive$7,955.87
11237BROOKLYN$9,602.92Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$11,621.22GEICO$4,510.55Progressive$7,437.15
11238BROOKLYN$9,569.83Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$11,586.05GEICO$4,187.43Progressive$7,438.55
11223BROOKLYN$9,458.27Liberty Mutual$15,452.41Travelers$11,115.43GEICO$5,300.14Progressive$8,066.79
11230BROOKLYN$9,440.17Liberty Mutual$15,452.41Travelers$11,115.43GEICO$5,300.14Progressive$8,066.79
11241BROOKLYN$9,410.20Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$10,797.26GEICO$3,457.75Progressive$7,489.08
11243BROOKLYN$9,410.20Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$10,797.26GEICO$3,457.75Progressive$7,489.08
11229BROOKLYN$9,387.51Liberty Mutual$15,452.41Travelers$11,115.43GEICO$5,300.14Progressive$7,716.90
11205BROOKLYN$9,370.09Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$11,180.76GEICO$4,510.55Progressive$6,126.60
11242BROOKLYN$9,364.53Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$10,797.26GEICO$3,457.75Progressive$7,489.08
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If you live in Brooklyn, your premium rates are going to be steep.

25 Least Expensive Zip Codes in New York CityAverage Annual Rate by Zip CodesMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Annual Rate 2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive Annual Rate Cheapest CompanyCheapest Annual Rate 2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Annual Rate
14830CORNING$2,729.59Liberty Mutual$3,958.87Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,814.79Progressive$2,084.94
14845HORSEHEADS$2,753.21Liberty Mutual$3,932.34Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,041.98
14814BIG FLATS$2,757.47Liberty Mutual$3,932.34Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,084.94
14870PAINTED POST$2,761.36Liberty Mutual$3,958.87Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,814.79Progressive$2,367.49
14903ELMIRA$2,761.81Liberty Mutual$3,932.34Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,084.94
14905ELMIRA$2,786.89Liberty Mutual$3,932.34Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,254.47
14904ELMIRA$2,788.48Liberty Mutual$3,932.34Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,254.47
14871PINE CITY$2,789.24Liberty Mutual$3,958.87Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,297.44
14894WELLSBURG$2,790.81Liberty Mutual$3,932.34Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,254.47
14901ELMIRA$2,791.14Liberty Mutual$3,932.34Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,254.47
14821CAMPBELL$2,812.94Liberty Mutual$3,958.87Allstate$3,317.92GEICO$1,814.79Nationwide$2,385.41
13850VESTAL$2,833.83Liberty Mutual$3,888.71Allstate$3,268.98GEICO$2,002.78Progressive$2,247.71
14816BREESPORT$2,873.78Liberty Mutual$3,932.34State Farm$3,505.38GEICO$1,756.70Nationwide$2,385.41
13795KIRKWOOD$2,878.91Liberty Mutual$3,888.71Travelers$3,337.03GEICO$2,002.78Progressive$2,428.42
13748CONKLIN$2,880.00Liberty Mutual$3,888.71Travelers$3,337.03GEICO$2,002.78Progressive$2,428.42
13603WATERTOWN$2,881.06Liberty Mutual$4,420.81Allstate$3,496.52GEICO$1,921.00USAA$2,165.68
13612BLACK RIVER$2,881.46Liberty Mutual$4,420.81Allstate$3,496.52GEICO$1,921.00USAA$2,165.68
13616CALCIUM$2,882.15Liberty Mutual$4,420.81Allstate$3,496.52GEICO$1,921.00USAA$2,165.68
13606ADAMS CENTER$2,884.39Liberty Mutual$4,420.81Allstate$3,496.52GEICO$1,921.00USAA$2,165.68
13601WATERTOWN$2,885.27Liberty Mutual$4,420.81Allstate$3,496.52GEICO$1,921.00USAA$2,165.68
13685SACKETS HARBOR$2,886.18Liberty Mutual$4,420.81Allstate$3,496.52GEICO$1,921.00USAA$2,165.68
13656LA FARGEVILLE$2,887.98Liberty Mutual$4,420.81Allstate$3,496.52GEICO$1,921.00USAA$2,165.68
13640WELLESLEY ISLAND$2,888.38Liberty Mutual$4,420.81Allstate$3,496.52GEICO$1,921.00USAA$2,165.68
13634DEXTER$2,888.57Liberty Mutual$4,420.81Allstate$3,496.52GEICO$1,921.00USAA$2,165.68
13607ALEXANDRIA BAY$2,888.77Liberty Mutual$4,420.81Allstate$3,496.52GEICO$1,921.00USAA$2,165.68
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Rates by Cities in New York

Surprisingly, New York, New York is not one of the most expensive cities in the state for car insurance.

10 Most Expensive Cities in New York Average Annual Rate by CityMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Annual Rate 2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive Annual Rate Cheapest CompanyCheapest Annual Rate 2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Annual Rate
Brooklyn$9,347.06Liberty Mutual$17,558.88State Farm$10,797.26GEICO$3,940.28Progressive$6,859.27
Saint Albans$9,000.94Liberty Mutual$12,883.56Travelers$10,495.31GEICO$5,686.55USAA$7,089.23
Rosedale$8,885.68Liberty Mutual$12,883.56State Farm$9,995.10GEICO$5,287.14USAA$7,089.23
South Ozone Park$8,881.66Liberty Mutual$12,883.56Travelers$10,607.53GEICO$5,686.55USAA$7,089.23
Springfield Gardens$8,874.63Liberty Mutual$12,883.56State Farm$9,906.69GEICO$5,287.14USAA$7,089.23
South Richmond Hill$8,831.46Liberty Mutual$12,883.56Travelers$10,607.53GEICO$5,287.14USAA$7,089.23
Jamaica$8,826.92Liberty Mutual$12,883.56Travelers$10,241.08GEICO$5,386.99USAA$7,089.23
Arverne$8,802.18Liberty Mutual$12,883.56State Farm$9,799.24GEICO$5,287.14USAA$7,089.23
Woodhaven$8,773.94Liberty Mutual$12,883.56Travelers$10,302.35GEICO$5,096.98USAA$7,089.23
Howard Beach$8,739.15Liberty Mutual$12,883.56Travelers$9,817.66GEICO$5,287.14USAA$7,089.23
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Brooklyn is the most expensive city. Let’s now see which cities are the cheapest.

10 Least Expensive Cities in New York Average Annual Rate by CityMost Expensive CompanyMost Expensive Annual Rate 2nd Most Expensive Company2nd Most Expensive Annual Rate Cheapest CompanyCheapest Annual Rate 2nd Cheapest Company2nd Cheapest Annual Rate
Corning$2,729.58Liberty Mutual$3,958.87Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,814.79Progressive$2,084.94
Big Flats$2,757.50Liberty Mutual$3,932.34Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,070.62
Coopers Plains$2,761.36Liberty Mutual$3,958.87Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,814.79Progressive$2,367.49
Elmira$2,788.83Liberty Mutual$3,932.34Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,254.47
Pine City$2,789.24Liberty Mutual$3,958.87Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,297.44
Wellsburg$2,790.81Liberty Mutual$3,932.34Allstate$3,194.85GEICO$1,756.70Progressive$2,254.47
Campbell$2,812.93Liberty Mutual$3,958.87Allstate$3,317.92GEICO$1,814.79Nationwide$2,385.41
Vestal$2,833.83Liberty Mutual$3,888.71Allstate$3,268.98GEICO$2,002.78Progressive$2,247.71
Breesport$2,873.77Liberty Mutual$3,932.34State Farm$3,505.38GEICO$1,756.70Nationwide$2,385.41
Kirkwood$2,878.90Liberty Mutual$3,888.71Travelers$3,337.03GEICO$2,002.78Progressive$2,428.42
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When you buy car insurance, what exactly do you expect from your insurance carrier?

Some people might say that they want their insurer to settle claims as soon as possible in the event of an accident and others would want an insurer who offers the convenience of digital interactions.

Everyone has different needs, so why buy coverage by just looking at the premium rates?

The decision to buy car insurance coverage must be a well-thought out process and involve thorough investigation of an insurer’s financial ratings, customer reviews, complaints data, market standing, etc.

For the state of New York, we have done the research for best car insurance companies that would help in making the purchase decision easy for you.

Financial Ratings of Leading Insurance Companies in New York

Financial ratings were devised to help consumers understand the long-term financial viability of companies because everyone can’t understand balance sheets like a financial analyst.

To give you an idea about the financial standing of leading insurers in New York, we would assess their A.M.Best Ratings, the leading name in financial ratings.

How to understand A.M.Best Ratings?

A.M.Best evaluates insurance companies on their financial strength and the ability to meet their insurance obligations in the future. For this purpose, the credit rating agency assigns alphabetical ratings starting from A+ to S. Any rating of A+, A, and A- falls under the category of excellent.

For your convenience, we are sharing the A.M.Best Ratings of the leading insurance companies in New York.

Leading Insurance CompaniesA.M.Best Rating
Allstate Insurance GroupA+
State Farm GroupA++
Progressive GroupA+
Liberty Mutual GroupA
Travelers GroupA++
USAA GroupA++
NYCM Insurance GroupA
Nationwide Corp GroupA+
Amtrust NGH GroupA-
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Car Insurance Companies with Best Customer Reviews in New York

As consumers, you always check reviews online before buying anything, from PlayStation to mobile phones. Then, why do you rely on merely quotes to buy a car insurance policy?

Checking customer satisfaction surveys and online reviews should be a part of your car insurance buying process as it’s important to choose a reliable insurer who would respond to you instantly if you get involved in an accident.

As per a recent customer satisfaction survey by a trusted source in auto insurance ratings, J.D.Power, consumers these days are more satisfied with their car insurers despite the continuously rising premiums.

The survey found that frequent interactions with consumers through digital channels has contributed to the high satisfaction level among consumers. Cost might be the determining factor in choosing an insurer, but the continuity of impeccable service wins in the end.

Now, let’s look at which insurance carrier has bagged the most popular award from consumers in New York.

J.D.Power Customer Satisfaction Survey in New York

The power ratings suggest that New York Central Mutual is the most favored car insurance carrier in New York. These ratings assessed insurers on five factors; interaction, policy offerings, price, billing process & policy information, and claims.

Complaint Data of Leading Car Insurers in New York

Leading Insurance CompaniesNumber of Complaints (2017)
Allstate Insurance Group163
State Farm Group1482
Progressive Group120
Liberty Mutual Group222
Travelers Group2
USAA Group296
NYCM Insurance Group3
Nationwide Corp Group25
Amtrust NGH Group2
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Another data that would really help you in making a decision faster is the number of complaints against the insurance carriers. Since customer ratings are based on a sample group of customers, the complaint data offers a more realistic measure of customer satisfaction.

Rates by Insurance Carriers in New York

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Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rate Compared to State Average (+/-)Percentage Change (+/-)
Liberty Mutual$6,540.73$2,250.8534.41%
State Farm$4,484.58$194.704.34%
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Rates by Annual Commute in New York

Insurance CompanyCommute and Annual MileageAverage Annual Rate
Liberty Mutual25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$6,726.83
Liberty Mutual10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$6,354.63
Allstate25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$4,806.77
Allstate10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$4,675.15
Travelers25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$4,578.79
Travelers10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$4,578.79
State Farm25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$4,646.86
State Farm10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$4,322.30
Nationwide25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$4,012.93
Nationwide10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$4,012.93
Progressive25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$3,771.15
Progressive10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$3,771.15
USAA25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$3,799.64
USAA10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$3,723.73
Geico25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$2,498.03
Geico10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$2,358.45
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If your daily commute is around 10 miles, then you might get discounts on your premium rates. As you can see in the table, there are a few insurance carriers who offer a lower rate for low mileage.

Annual mileage is among the more minor factors that affect your rates.

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Rates by Coverage Levels in New York

Insurance CompanyCoverage TypeAverage Annual Rate
Liberty MutualHigh$6,864.04
Liberty MutualMedium$6,520.87
Liberty MutualLow$6,237.28
State FarmHigh$4,702.24
State FarmMedium$4,511.46
State FarmLow$4,240.05
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Rates by Credit History in New York

Insurance CompanyCredit HistoryAverage Annual Rate
Liberty MutualPoor$9,156.87
Liberty MutualFair$5,985.24
Liberty MutualGood$4,480.08
State FarmPoor$6,331.07
State FarmFair$3,970.78
State FarmGood$3,151.89
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Credit history has a major impact on your premium rates. A poor credit rating means an inability to meet your premium payment obligations, hence, insurers penalize you with higher premiums to cover any future losses.

Rates by Driving History in New York

Insurance CompanyDriving RecordAverage Annual Rate
Liberty MutualWith 1 DUI$10,569.55
Liberty MutualWith 1 speeding violation$5,197.79
Liberty MutualWith 1 accident$5,197.79
Liberty MutualClean record$5,197.79
NationwideWith 1 DUI$6,853.01
NationwideWith 1 speeding violation$3,113.84
NationwideWith 1 accident$3,042.44
NationwideClean record$3,042.44
AllstateWith 1 DUI$5,884.41
AllstateWith 1 speeding violation$5,070.67
AllstateWith 1 accident$4,004.39
AllstateClean record$4,004.39
TravelersWith 1 DUI$4,964.33
TravelersWith 1 speeding violation$4,552.21
TravelersWith 1 accident$4,896.91
TravelersClean record$3,901.71
State FarmWith 1 DUI$4,701.32
State FarmWith 1 speeding violation$4,701.32
State FarmWith 1 accident$4,267.85
State FarmClean record$4,267.85
ProgressiveWith 1 DUI$4,066.27
ProgressiveWith 1 speeding violation$3,688.99
ProgressiveWith 1 accident$3,664.67
ProgressiveClean record$3,664.67
USAAWith 1 DUI$4,893.09
USAAWith 1 speeding violation$3,402.69
USAAWith 1 accident$3,402.69
USAAClean record$3,348.28
GeicoWith 1 DUI$3,860.07
GeicoWith 1 speeding violation$1,894.00
GeicoWith 1 accident$2,064.88
GeicoClean record$1,894.00
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If you have a driving under the influence (of alcohol) record on your license, insurance companies would charge a comparatively higher premium from you.

Any record of DUI is taken more seriously than speeding violations and accidents due to the reckless nature of drunk driving. Most of the insurance carriers levy a much higher rate for such carelessness.

Leading Insurance Carriers in New York

Now that you have a fair idea about insurance carriers and their rates in different categories, let’s see which companies have the largest market share in New York.

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Insurance CompanyDirect Written PremiumsMarket Share
Allstate Insurance Group$1,843,73013.90%
State Farm Group$1,758,37013.26%
Progressive Group$1,284,1329.68%
Liberty Mutual Group$731,3965.52%
Travelers Group$529,6763.99%
USAA Group$392,3462.96%
NYCM Insurance Group$327,3662.47%
Nationwide Corp Group$302,8542.28%
Amtrust NGH Group$291,7502.20%
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Number of Insurance Carriers in New York

Type of InsurerNumber
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State Laws in New York

Without laws in place, it would be difficult for law enforcement officers to manage traffic on roads or for the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driving licenses.

Knowing about coverage and the best insurance carriers would help you in making the right buying decision, but it’s really important to be safe on the road. Also, if you follow the law, you would rarely get involved in accidents or speeding violations, which in turn would keep your premium rates low.

Let’s look at the laws that govern driving on the roads.

Car Insurance Laws in New York

Without car insurance laws, the oversight of insurance carriers wouldn’t be possible which would lead to unfair practices in the market.

Car insurance laws not only help consumers by reducing the overall cost they might have to bear if involved in an accident but also provide a framework to operate in for insurance carriers.

Windshield Coverage Laws in New York

Cracked or chipped windshields can be hazardous to driving as it blocks visibility and may shatter if gets hit by loose gravel or other objects. The state law of New York strictly prohibits driving with a cracked windshield that distorts visibility.

To replace a windshield, automobile owners can get an aftermarket part that is similar in quality and finish.

High-Risk Drivers in New York

If you have multiple records of speeding violations and accidents to your credit, there’s a high probability that your coverage application would be rejected by most of the insurers in New York.

Why high-risk drivers can’t get coverage in the voluntary insurance market?

Insurance carriers collect premiums from all motorists to make a pool from which they settle claims whenever there’s an accident. Through this process, insurers aim to gain from the remaining premiums after paying-off claims.

If a driver tends to get involved in accidents time and again, insurers might have to bear losses on account of frequent claims settlements. As a result, they refuse coverage to those who are high-risk drivers.

How can high-risk drivers obtain coverage?

Driving without auto insurance is illegal in New York, hence every motorist must obtain coverage. The state of New York offers an auto plan, known as the New York Automobile Insurance Plan (NYAIP), to offer coverage to high-risk drivers.

Who offers coverage to the high-risk drivers?

You must be wondering who exactly offers coverage to these high-risk drivers who accumulate losses for insurers? Every insurer who is licensed to operate in New York has to offer coverage to a certain percentage of high-risk drivers directly proportionate to its market share.

Motorsists enrolled in the NYAIP are randomly distributed among different insurers based on a pre-decided quota. Needless to say, these motorists are required to pay a significantly high premium.

Automobile Insurance Fraud in New York

Auto insurance frauds increase the premiums of New Yorkers by millions of dollars every year as it’s an enormous problem in the state.

There are two sides to auto insurance fraud – one where the motorists furnish incorrect information knowingly to gain from the claim settlement amount and the other wherein medical providers pad costs to earn from procedures that were not performed.

A 2011 study by the Insurance Research Council found that fraud is extremely prevalent in the New York city area. From 2007 to 2010, there was a significant rise in cases where medical providers inflated the expenses on procedures performed in auto accident cases.

The auto insurance system of New York is massive with 300 auto insurers vying for their share in the state’s $10 billion in premiums. Touted as the fourth largest system in America, the state has around nine million insured motor vehicles.

With such a large system in place, the state has witnessed many fraudulent medical practitioners and attorneys who work together to defraud the auto insurance companies.

On the other side of the spectrum, motorists also participate in raising premiums for everyone by making fraudulent claims. Misrepresentation of facts on insurance applications, staging an accident, and inflating insurance claims are some of the unfair practices prevalent in the state.

Penalties: Motorists who are caught by the state committing insurance fraud are penalized through fines and prison time varying in degree depending on the severity of the crime committed.

Statute of Limitations for Car Accidents in New York

The statute of limitations restricts the time period until which you can bring a lawsuit against the at-fault party after an accident.

In New York, if you are unable to bring a lawsuit within a period of three years from the crash, most probably your case would be rejected by the court system, unless some rare circumstance allows the extension of your deadline.

Vehicle Licensing Laws in New York

Is your driver’s license Real ID compliant? Do you know what’s the minimum age to get a learner’s permit in New York? Does the state of New York allow license renewals online?

Every state has different laws for licensing, so whether you’re new to New York or a long-time resident – you must know about the licensing laws in your state.

Real ID Compliance in New York

The Real ID Act was established as a security measure and governs the issuance of driver’s licenses and other identification cards in compliance with the law’s minimum standards.

If your license is Real ID compliant, you would be allowed entry into Federal facilities, nuclear power plants, and commercial aircraft by showing your driver’s license. New York is a Real ID compliant state.

Motorists in New York can get three types of driver’s license – Standard, Enhanced, and Real ID.

Important Note: Your standard license wouldn’t be accepted as proof of identification for travel by air or entry into federal buildings after October 1, 2020. If you wish to use your driver’s license for those purposes after the above-mentioned date, you would have to apply for a Real ID compliant license.

In case you want to know more about Real ID, you can watch this short video on the matter.

Penalties for Driving without Insurance in New York

In New York, owning a motor vehicle without insurance is undoubtedly unsafe, and it can lead to hefty fines along with license revocation.

The fines for driving without insurance could be up to $1,500 along with the possibility of jail time for 15 days. Also, your license would be immediately revoked for a year.

That’s not it though. At the end of your license suspension period, you would be required to pay $750 to the DMV for the restoration of your license.

What if there’s a lapse in insurance?

If you don’t plan to buy insurance because you wouldn’t drive in the near future, you should cancel your vehicle registration and surrender your number plates. At no point in time, you are allowed to keep a registered vehicle without insurance coverage.

If you’re caught driving without insurance – your vehicle could be impounded, you could be arrested, and your license & registration would be revoked by the DMV.

Proof of Auto Insurance: Insurance ID cards are accepted in both paper and electronic forms as proof of insurance in New York and can be presented when asked my DMV during vehicle registration, by police at a traffic stop, or by a judge during summons.

Teen Driver Laws in New York

We know how restless you get when your teenaged children start driving – their inexperience makes you fidgety.

Inculcating good driving habits from the beginning is vital for everyone’s safety on the roads and that’s why you should lead by example.

Don’t be that parent who looks at their mobile phone while driving!

Most of the crashes where a teenager is involved, the chief reasons for accident are speeding, distracted driving, failure to yield, inexperience, and not maintaing enough distance from vehicles.

As parents, you should ensure that your children understand the importance of safe driving. Please refer to the Parent’s Guide to Teen Driving by the NY DMV to prepare better.

Monitor your Teen Driver (TEENS): The DMV offers The Teen Electronic Event Notification Service (TEENS) in which parents receive electronic notifications when a specific event – tickets, traffic violations, license suspensions – is added to the driving record of their children.

If you feel that your kid’s driving behavior is unsafe, you can withdraw their driving privileges by submitting a withdrawal of consent form to the DMV.

Now, we would look at the licensing restrictions for teenagers.

Learner’s Permit: At age 16, teens can apply for a learner’s permit and start driving by passing a vision and knowledge test. You can find the nearest DMV location to write the test and prepare by studying the DMV’ Driver Manual and taking practice tests.

Teens with a learner’s permit must abide by certain restrictions to ensure the safety of everyone.

  • You’re allowed to drive a vehicle only with a supervising adult who’s 21 or older and has a valid license.
  • You aren’t allowed to drive on the following roads in New York:
    • Streets that are inside a park in New York City.
    • Bridges or tunnels under the jurisdiction of Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.
    • Parkways in Westchester County – Hutchinson River Parkway, Cross County Parkway, Saw Mill River Parkway, and Taconic State Parkway.
  • There are certain restrictions on nighttime driving as well that vary across the three different regions i.e. New York City, Long Island, and Upstate New York.

Junior License: If a teen driver has successfully completed six months, he/she is eligible to get a junior license by passing the road test. The teen must have completed supervised driving of 50 hours with nighttime driving of 15 hours under the learner’s permit.

Keeping in mind the safety of everyone, junior license holders have to abide by certain restrictions.

  • New York City restrictions: Under any circumstance, if you hold a junior license, you aren’t allowed to drive in New York City.
  • Upstate New York restrictions: Driving with a junior license is allowed in Upstate New York, but you may not drive with any passengers under 21 unless they are family members. Between 9 PM to 5 AM, you can only drive between your home to school and place of work.
  • Long Island restrictions: To drive in the Suffolk and Nassau counties, you need to be under the supervision of either a parent or guardian or driving school instructor or someone authorized by your parents. Without a supervising adult, you’re allowed to drive between your home and a few places authorized by the state.

Unrestricted License: Those who complete a driver’s education without any record can apply for an unrestricted license at the age of 17.

License Renewal Procedure in New York

In New York, motorists are required to renew their license every eight years. Renewals by mail and online renewals are permitted for everyone irrespective of age.

Important Note: If you renew your New York standard license online, your new license will not be Real ID compliant and show “not for federal purposes”. After October 2020, this standard license wouldn’t be accepted in federal buildings or for domestic travel by commercial flights.

Rules of the Road in New York

If you don’t follow the rules while driving, you would get a ticket in New York instantly.

Especially in New York City, you must strictly follow the speed limits, car seat laws, move over laws, etc. to avoid getting stopped by the police.

Fault vs No-Fault

New York is amongst the twelve states in the US which follow the no-fault system allowing motorists to file claims with their own insurance company in the event of an accident irrespective of fault.

To overcome the inefficiencies and delay in claim settlement under the fault system, New York adopted the no fault system in the 1970s which aimed to expedite the process of claims settlement after a crash.

Seat Belt and Car Seat Laws in New York

In New York, front seat passengers are required to wear seat belts. Children under 16 must wear seat belts irrespective of their position in the car and those who are under four must be put inside a child restraint system.

The child safety seats and restraint system must comply with the Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard 213. If you aren’t sure about the fitting of child seat, you can visit one of the child safety seat inspection sites in New York.

How to choose the correct child safety seat?

The state of New York recommends motorists to carefully assess the dimensions and weight capacity for car seats available in the market and select one that’s suitable for their children.

There are certain basic rules to follow for child safety seats:

  • All children below the age of eight must be put inside a child restraint system
  • The restraint system should meet the weight and height requirements as per the Federal standards
  • The car safety seat cannot be placed in the front seat
  • The restraint system can mean a harness, booster seat, or child seat that is attached to the car seat

Keep Right and Move Over Laws in New York

If you’re going slower than the normal traffic speed, the law in New York states that you should move to the right lane unless you’re taking a left turn or passing traffic.

While driving if you notice an authorized emergency stationary vehicle with flashing lights, you should move further from the vehicle to the next lane if it’s safe to do so.

Speed Limits in New York

Type of RoadSpeed Limit
Freeways and Interstates65 mph
Default Speed Limit55 mph
Divided Roads45 mph
Residential Areas25-45 mph
Slow Zones in NYC20 mph
School Zones
15-30 mph
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The table illustrates the speed limits across New York, but it’s recommended to be careful and look for posted limits while driving, especially in the NYC area.

Ridesharing Laws in New York

Ridesharing companies, technically known as Transportation Network Companies (TNC), work on a contractual basis with their drivers, wherein the drivers aren’t direct employees of these companies.

Since the TNC doesn’t own the vehicles being operated by the drivers which means they can’t be held responsible for accidents, the state government has mandated TNC’ to cover the drivers under a group policy.

The statutory limit which requires TNC’ to offer coverage includes:

  • When the ridesharing driver is online or waiting for a pick-up request: Coverage limits for personal injury liability are $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident, along with property damage liability of $25,000. The coverage also includes PIP of $50,000 and uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) coverage of $25,000/$50,000.
  • When the driver is riding to pick a person/during the ride: Drivers are covered by liability and UM/UIM coverage of $1.25 million each and PIP coverage of $50,000.

Automation on the Road in New York

As per a Gallup poll, around 59 percent of Americans have shown their discomfort towards self-driving cars although people like autonomus features such as self-parking, emergency braking, and lane change assistance.

The state of New York allows testing of autonomous vehicles though there have been obstacles in the adoption of this emerging technology. The law requires a licensed driver to be behind the wheels when an autonomous vehicle is being tested which should have insurance coverage of $5 million.

Safety Laws in New York

The reason behind most of the accidents is distracted driving or driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances. Naturally, there are strict laws to curb such behavior.

DUI Laws in New York

If you’re caught drinking and driving in New York, you could lose your driving privileges and face substantial fines along with jail time.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI): Motorists driving with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08 or more can be booked for a DWI violation. Commercial drivers are in violation of the law if their BAC is .04 or more.

Zero Tolerance Law: If you’re under 21, a BAC level between .02 and .07 falls under the purview of DWI violation.

Let’s look at the consequences of a DWI violation.

OffenseMandatory FineMaximum Prison TermMandatory Driver's License Suspension
First DWI$500 - $1,000 1 yearRevocation for a minimum of six months
Second DWI within 10 years$1,000 - $5,000 4 yearsRevocation for a minimum of one year
Third DWI within 10 years$2,000 - $10,0007 yearsRevocation for a minimum of one year
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Distracted Driving Laws in New York

Under the state laws of New York, the use of hand-held mobile devices for texting and calling are banned for everyone.

The fines for violation can range from $50 to $450 depending on the number of offenses you commit. In addition, the violation would add five points to your record.

While driving, you should refrain from using cell phones as it can lead to disastrous accidents.

Road Dangers in New York

We are sure that you’re updated about all the state laws in New York with respect to driving and car insurance by now.

Let’s face some facts and figures that would tell you about the reasons behind accidents, fatality rates, vehicle theft data, and much more.

Vehicle Theft in New York

Make and ModelMost Stolen Model YearNumber of Vehicles Stolen
Honda Accord1997724
Honda Civic1998707
Toyota Camry2014500
Nissan Altima2015374
Dodge Caravan2000368
Ford Econoline E3502011339
Nissan Maxima1998328
Honda CR-V1997283
Toyota Corolla2010280
Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2015263
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Vehicle Theft by City in New York

Adams Village0
Addison Town and Village1
Akron Village0
Albion Village5
Alfred Village0
Allegany Village0
Amherst Town32
Amityville Village6
Arcade Village1
Ardsley Village1
Asharoken Village0
Attica Village1
Avon Village2
Baldwinsville Village1
Ballston Spa Village0
Bath Village2
Bedford Town3
Bethlehem Town4
Black River0
Blooming Grove Town7
Bolivar Village0
Bolton Town0
Boonville Village0
Brant Town2
Briarcliff Manor Village0
Brighton Town28
Brockport Village4
Bronxville Village3
Brownville Village0
Cairo Town0
Cambridge Village1
Camden Village0
Camillus Town and Village5
Canastota Village1
Canisteo Village0
Canton Village1
Cape Vincent Village0
Carmel Town9
Carroll Town0
Carthage Village1
Cattaraugus Village0
Cayuga Heights Village0
Cazenovia Village1
Central Square Village2
Chatham Village0
Cheektowaga Town73
Chester Town0
Chittenango Village1
Cicero Town2
Clarkstown Town28
Clyde Village1
Cobleskill Village0
Coeymans Town4
Colonie Town51
Cooperstown Village0
Cornwall-on-Hudson Village0
Cornwall Town0
Crawford Town0
Croton-on-Hudson Village2
Cuba Town2
Dansville Village8
Deerpark Town0
Delhi Village2
Depew Village5
Deposit Village0
Dewitt Town12
Dexter Village0
Dobbs Ferry Village2
Dolgeville Village1
Dryden Village0
East Aurora-Aurora Town2
Eastchester Town1
East Fishkill Town6
East Greenbush Town7
East Hampton Town7
East Hampton Village2
East Rochester Village3
East Syracuse Village7
Eden Town0
Ellenville Village0
Ellicott Town0
Elmira Heights Village2
Elmira Town0
Endicott Village11
Evans Town6
Fairport Village3
Fallsburg Town1
Fishkill Town5
Floral Park Village12
Florida Village0
Fort Plain Village2
Frankfort Town1
Frankfort Village1
Franklinville Village0
Fredonia Village0
Freeport Village67
Friendship Town0
Fulton City6
Garden City Village10
Gates Town34
Geddes Town8
Geneseo Village0
Germantown Town0
Glen Cove3
Glen Park Village0
Glens Falls5
Glenville Town11
Goshen Village0
Gowanda Village2
Granville Village0
Great Neck Estates Village2
Greece Town46
Greenburgh Town22
Greene Village0
Green Island Village4
Greenport Town2
Greenwood Lake Village2
Groton Village1
Guilderland Town1
Hamburg Town21
Hamburg Village0
Hammondsport Village0
Harrison Town4
Hastings-on-Hudson Village2
Haverstraw Town13
Hempstead Village122
Herkimer Village0
Highland Falls Village0
Homer Village1
Hoosick Falls Village2
Horseheads Village0
Hudson Falls Village0
Huntington Bay Village1
Hyde Park Town5
Ilion Village1
Irondequoit Town33
Irvington Village0
Johnson City Village10
Jordan Village0
Kenmore Village5
Kent Town5
Kings Point Village1
Kirkland Town1
Lake Placid Village2
Lake Success Village1
Lancaster Town9
Larchmont Village2
Le Roy Village0
Lewiston Town and Village8
Liberty Village3
Little Falls1
Liverpool Village1
Lloyd Harbor Village0
Lloyd Town3
Long Beach18
Lowville Village4
Lynbrook Village18
Lyons Village3
Macedon Town and Village2
Malone Village3
Malverne Village1
Mamaroneck Town1
Mamaroneck Village8
Manchester Village0
Manlius Town3
Marcellus Village0
Marlborough Town3
Massena Village0
Medina Village2
Menands Village1
Middleport Village2
Monroe Village3
Montgomery Town1
Montgomery Village0
Monticello Village5
Moravia Village0
Moriah Town1
Mount Hope Town1
Mount Kisco Village0
Mount Morris Village1
Mount Pleasant Town3
Mount Vernon147
Newark Village2
New Berlin Town0
Newburgh Town28
New Castle Town2
New Hartford Town and Village4
New Paltz Town and Village4
New Rochelle69
New Windsor Town12
New York7,434
New York Mills Village1
Niagara Falls112
Niagara Town14
Niskayuna Town8
Nissequogue Village1
North Castle Town3
North Greenbush Town2
Northport Village4
North Syracuse Village3
North Tonawanda17
Northville Village0
Ogden Town8
Old Brookville Village10
Old Westbury Village4
Oneonta City4
Orangetown Town14
Orchard Park Town12
Oriskany Village0
Ossining Village5
Oswego City14
Owego Village4
Oxford Village0
Oyster Bay Cove Village0
Painted Post Village2
Palmyra Village1
Pelham Manor Village3
Pelham Village1
Penn Yan Village1
Perry Village1
Piermont Village0
Pine Plains Town2
Plattekill Town1
Plattsburgh City8
Pleasantville Village0
Port Byron Village0
Port Chester Village22
Port Dickinson Village0
Port Jervis3
Portville Village0
Potsdam Village5
Poughkeepsie Town11
Pound Ridge Town0
Pulaski Village1
Quogue Village1
Ramapo Town13
Red Hook Village0
Rensselaer City7
Rhinebeck Village1
Riverhead Town33
Rockville Centre Village18
Rosendale Town0
Rotterdam Town20
Rye Brook Village2
Sag Harbor Village1
Sands Point Village1
Saranac Lake Village5
Saratoga Springs8
Saugerties Town0
Scarsdale Village7
Schodack Town2
Schoharie Village0
Scotia Village0
Seneca Falls Town5
Shandaken Town1
Shawangunk Town0
Shelter Island Town0
Sherburne Village0
Shortsville Village0
Sidney Village3
Skaneateles Village0
Sleepy Hollow Village2
Sodus Village0
Solvay Village6
Southampton Town49
Southampton Village4
South Glens Falls Village2
Southold Town2
Spring Valley Village16
Stillwater Town2
St. Johnsville Village0
Stony Point Town6
Suffern Village1
Tarrytown Village4
Ticonderoga Town0
Tonawanda Town27
Trumansburg Village2
Tuckahoe Village1
Tupper Lake Village2
Tuxedo Park Village0
Ulster Town2
Vestal Town9
Walden Village5
Wallkill Town26
Walton Village0
Warsaw Village0
Washingtonville Village2
Waterford Town and Village1
Waterloo Village2
Watkins Glen Village2
Waverly Village4
Webster Town and Village7
Weedsport Village0
Wellsville Village3
Westhampton Beach Village3
West Seneca Town20
Whitehall Village1
White Plains21
Whitesboro Village1
Whitestown Town3
Woodbury Town3
Woodridge Village0
Woodstock Town0
Yorktown Town2
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Fatal Crashes by Weather Condition in New York

Weather ConditionDaylightDark, but LightedDarkDawn or DuskOther / UnknownTotal
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Fatalities by County in New York

County Name20132014201520162017
Albany County1025222419
Allegany County52452
Bronx County5235404940
Broome County131115189
Cattaraugus County1147511
Cayuga County748118
Chautauqua County111010139
Chemung County731155
Chenango County94656
Clinton County86394
Columbia County968811
Cortland County96645
Delaware County96827
Dutchess County3022262019
Erie County5747445043
Essex County18233
Franklin County16633
Fulton County57606
Genesee County857514
Greene County1231076
Hamilton County20010
Herkimer County674810
Jefferson County1281294
Kings County8778695356
Lewis County64435
Livingston County19376
Madison County87936
Monroe County3743334545
Montgomery County73555
Nassau County8381958078
New York County4539284838
Niagara County2718181715
Oneida County2115122218
Onondaga County3025332734
Ontario County11161698
Orange County3536283235
Orleans County740411
Oswego County2220191716
Otsego County54746
Putnam County47957
Queens County9986786159
Rensselaer County1110989
Richmond County1212261914
Rockland County1717151118
Saratoga County1811181918
Schenectady County461079
Schoharie County24222
Schuyler County31233
Seneca County55745
St. Lawrence County169111010
Steuben County12127103
Suffolk County145123168139121
Sullivan County14131396
Tioga County15373
Tompkins County8813108
Ulster County2412161423
Warren County69226
Washington County881083
Wayne County101013129
Westchester County5227513732
Wyoming County25735
Yates County34210
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Traffic Fatalities by Road Type in New York

Type of Road2008200920102011201220132014201520162017
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Fatalities by Person Type in New York

Person Type20132014201520162017
Passenger Car423375368330339
Light Truck - Pickup5949497047
Light Truck - Utility939011391119
Light Truck - Van4126413333
Large Truck1614151113
Other/Unknown Occupants161720107
Total Occupants648574611545560
Light Truck - Other00101
Total Motorcyclists170148163136145
Bicyclist and Other Cyclist4046363946
Other/Unknown Nonoccupants8915146
Total Nonoccupants384319362360294
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Fatalities by Crash Type in New York

Crash Type20132014201520162017
Total Fatalities (All Crashes)1,2021,0411,1361,041999
Single Vehicle784674709660602
Involving a Large Truck11898126106121
Involving Speeding359322347314308
Involving a Rollover160144160144127
Involving a Roadway Departure580509513471450
Involving an Intersection (or Intersection Related)467377419385373
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Fatalities Trend for the Top 10 Counties in New York

Top Counties in New York (2017)20132014201520162017
Suffolk County145123168139121
Nassau County8381958078
Queens County9986786159
Kings County8778695356
Monroe County3743334545
Erie County5747445043
Bronx County5235404940
New York County4539284838
Orange County3536283235
Onondaga County3025332734
Top Ten Counties692595639594549
All Other Counties510446497447450
All Counties1,2021,0411,1361,041999
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Fatalities Involving Speeding by County in New York

County Name20132014201520162017
Albany County17735
Allegany County20030
Bronx County1213101112
Broome County14544
Cattaraugus County32201
Cayuga County11323
Chautauqua County43330
Chemung County10711
Chenango County72131
Clinton County13242
Columbia County32114
Cortland County14212
Delaware County32404
Dutchess County1771285
Erie County1912121711
Essex County13011
Franklin County13202
Fulton County12202
Genesee County02612
Greene County42223
Hamilton County00010
Herkimer County43252
Jefferson County63431
Kings County3118151113
Lewis County42423
Livingston County12010
Madison County31114
Monroe County138121815
Montgomery County01132
Nassau County1432282620
New York County66616
Niagara County106693
Oneida County1052108
Onondaga County91091013
Ontario County43932
Orange County1112111512
Orleans County32002
Oswego County1310797
Otsego County21342
Putnam County03312
Queens County2922291918
Rensselaer County51222
Richmond County31865
Rockland County78464
Saratoga County669111
Schenectady County00801
Schoharie County01121
Schuyler County10110
Seneca County13012
St. Lawrence County74223
Steuben County54220
Suffolk County3632334441
Sullivan County75932
Tioga County01121
Tompkins County34123
Ulster County44528
Warren County13102
Washington County31332
Wayne County34262
Westchester County1012181016
Wyoming County13112
Yates County01110
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Fatalities in Crashes Involving an Alcohol-Impaired Driver (BAC = .08+) by County in New York

County Name20132014201520162017
Albany County28954
Allegany County00121
Bronx County161281215
Broome County56684
Cattaraugus County42124
Cayuga County21262
Chautauqua County25351
Chemung County20111
Chenango County42112
Clinton County31211
Columbia County12234
Cortland County02204
Delaware County20502
Dutchess County98972
Erie County1413131216
Essex County02020
Franklin County13111
Fulton County21103
Genesee County32113
Greene County60321
Hamilton County20000
Herkimer County43222
Jefferson County54541
Kings County2717141415
Lewis County31223
Livingston County03212
Madison County23311
Monroe County151391115
Montgomery County41011
Nassau County2422271820
New York County985810
Niagara County115443
Oneida County97598
Onondaga County1359109
Ontario County35623
Orange County13114147
Orleans County20012
Oswego County785106
Otsego County21232
Putnam County12513
Queens County2820221921
Rensselaer County32323
Richmond County34625
Rockland County67424
Saratoga County36846
Schenectady County01512
Schoharie County01110
Schuyler County10011
Seneca County21422
St. Lawrence County73424
Steuben County25011
Suffolk County4539514237
Sullivan County26121
Tioga County01232
Tompkins County24223
Ulster County83347
Warren County33101
Washington County52322
Wayne County45343
Westchester County1110141211
Wyoming County12112
Yates County22010
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Teen Drinking and Driving in New York

In New York, there were 113 arrests for underage drinking and driving during 2016.

The national average for alcohol-impaired driving fatalities is 1.2 deaths per 100,000 people whereas New York witnessed only 0.6 deaths per 100,000 people in 2016.

EMS Response Time in New York

Road TypeTime of Crash to EMS
EMS Notification to
EMS Arrival
EMS Arrival at Scene
to Hospital Arrival
Time of Crash to Hospital
Rural3.17 10.9142.5652.33
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Transportation in New York

Traffic congestions on road bother everyone, especially the never-ending jams to commute to work in Manhattan.

The number of vehicles owned by each household and the commuting preferences of residents adds to the woes of everyday commuters. Let’s see what New Yorkers prefer for transportation.

Car Ownership in New York

Car Ownership in New York

The dark orange bars in the chart above illustrate the car ownership preferences of New Yorkers. Most of the residents have two cars echoing the sentiments across the country as shown by the grey bars.

Commute Time in New York

Officer goers in New York have a longer commute to work than the national average of 25.5 minutes. It takes New Yorkers 32.2 minutes to reach to work.

Commuter Transportation in New York

Commuter Transportation in New York

The most common mode of commuting is driving alone to work in New York, followed by a small percentage of people who carpool and walk to work.

Traffic Congestion in New York

As per data analysis by the reputed firm, Inrix, New York City is the 40th most congested city around the world and 4th most congested in the US. Motorists spent around 133 minutes in traffic jams during 2018 in the famous city.

In Upstate New York, the traffic in Buffalo makes it the 29th most congested city in the US where drivers spent around 72 minutes stuck in traffic.

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