Alaska Car Insurance [Rates + Cheap Coverage Guide]

Alaska car insurance rates are $44.97/mo. The minimum requirements for liability coverage for Alaska car insurance is 25/50/100.

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UPDATED: Jun 2, 2022

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Written By: Laura BerryReviewed By: Joel OhmanUPDATED: Jun 2, 2022Fact Checked

Alaska Statistics SummaryDetails
Road MilesTotal in State: 15,728
Vehicle Miles Driven: 4.9 billion
VehiclesRegistered: 768,343
Thefts: 1,739
State Population Estimated: 737,438
Most Popular Vehicle Ford F-150
Uninsured Motorists15.40%
State Rank: 11th
Driving Fatalities Speeding: 26
Drunk Driving: 22
Average Annual PremiumsLiability: $539.68
Collision: $350.81
Comprehensive: $137.26
Combined: $1,027.75
Cheapest Provider State Farm
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How much is car insurance in Alaska? Does Alaska require car insurance? If you’re stressed over these questions, we get it.

Finding car insurance coverage for your entire family that meets the needs of every driver while still staying affordable can be quite the challenge. With so many providers and carrier options available, it’s often difficult to separate the strong contenders from those that don’t quite live up to their promises.

If you’re one of the over 741,894 individuals living in the state of Alaska, finding car insurance in-state should be one of your top priorities. Whether you’ve just moved to The Last Frontier or are looking to switch providers, making sure you and your loved ones are covered is key.

A recent study found that 15.40 percent of all drivers in the state are uninsured. In the event that you get into an unexpected accident with one of these uninsured motorists, you need to make sure you know your rights and are covered in case of injury or damage.

What’s more, locating the right insurance company that offers all the coverage options you want on your policy at an optimal cost could save you thousands of dollars in the coming years.

Start your savings journey now. Compare rates in your area with our FREE online rate calculator!

Ready to dive into Alaska car insurance coverage options and rates? Let’s take a closer look…

Table of Contents

What do you need to know about Alaska car insurance coverage and rates?

Alaska is the largest of all 50 states in terms of land mass. In fact, it is so big you could fit Texas inside Alaska not once, but twice! Despite its impressive size, Alaska still has the third-smallest population in the country. With months of darkness in winter and daylight in summer plus extreme temperatures depending on where you reside, life in Alaska is not for the faint of heart.

However, Alaska holds mystery and excitement for the dreamers and adventurers drawn to its wild tundra and terrain. Its snow-capped mountains and impressive oil and gas industry are just a few reasons that just under a million permanent residents call this state home.

Cool fact! Alaska is bordered by three, separate bodies of water: the Bering Sea, the Arctic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

Plus, Alaska is one of only seven states that charges zero state income tax.

Whether you’re contemplating a move to The Land of the Midnight Sun or are a long-time resident, it’s essential to know Alaska car insurance rates so you can protect all the drivers in your family and save big in the long run.

Let’s go!

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Alaska Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Alaska Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Requirements
Insurance RequiredCoverage
Bodily Injury Liability Coverage$50,000 per person
$100,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability Coverage $25,000 minimum
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Alaska’s Statute 28.22.01 requires all drivers to carry the above minimum coverages in the event of an accident. In fact, if you go out on the open road without the minimum coverages required by law, you could face severe penalties.

Penalties for driving without insurance in Alaska are typically a $500 fine and license suspension for first-time offenders.

You will be required to pay an additional $500 for any following offenses and be penalized with longer license suspensions. The moral of the story is, don’t get in the car without insurance.

Let’s take a closer look at Alaska’s minimum coverage requirements for car insurance:

  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per person – for any individual’s injury or death resulting from an accident you caused while operating your vehicle
  • $100,000 bodily injury liability per accident – for total bodily injury or death liability resulting from an accident you caused while operating your vehicle
  • $25,000 property damage liability – for property damage expenses incurred per any accident you cause while operating your vehicle

The coverage amounts noted above cover the costs of medical expenses, property damage, and other related costs incurred by drivers, passengers, or pedestrians who sustain injuries or vehicle damage as a result of an accident you cause. These expenses would be paid up and until your coverage limits had been exhausted.

You may opt to add additional coverage options onto your policy (which we will examine further down) in order to protect yourself in the event you get into a serious auto accident resulting in extensive injuries and property damage to another party or parties involved.

Why would you want higher coverage limits, you ask?

Well, once your liability coverage limits are exhausted, you are personally held liable for additional, accident-related expenses. You always want to make sure your assets are protected in the case of a serious, unexpected collision.

In addition, your liability insurance coverages will protect you if a family member or friend gets into an accident while driving your vehicle. These coverages will also typically offer you protection in case you get into an accident while driving a rental car.

Something important to bear in mind when hunting for Alaska car insurance.

Alaska is an “At Fault” car accident state. This means that whoever was at fault for the accident is held liable for covering the costs of injuries and damages sustained as a result of the collision.

In practical terms, this usually means that if you were at fault for a car accident, your auto insurance company would cover the costs of the other driver’s injuries and property damage up to your policy limits.

Bear in mind, these coverages do not apply to any injuries you sustain in an auto accident when no one else is at fault and liable for damages. This is where additional, optional coverage options like personal injury protection (PIP) or MedPay and collision coverage come into play for injuries and damages resulting from an accident.

The only exception to Alaska’s car insurance requirements is for drivers in certain regions of Alaska that do not require vehicle registration. To see if your region is one of the exempted areas, visit the Alaska Department of Administration Mandatory Insurance section here.

Mandatory Financial Responsibility in Alaska

Alaska car insurance laws not only require you to carry the minimum liability coverages previously discussed but also mandate that you carry proof of financial responsibility (or proof of insurance coverage) in your car at all times.

If you get into an auto accident and are unable to provide proof of insurance to the responding officer, you may receive a traffic citation and/or have your vehicle impounded.

Furthermore, if you get into an auto accident that causes:

  • Injury or death to a person or
  • Property damage exceeding $501

you are required to provide proof of liability insurance to the DMV within 15 days of the date of the crash. In this scenario, all drivers involved in the accident must furnish proof of insurance within the mandated time range to the DMV, regardless of who caused the accident.

Your obligation to notify the DMV is above and beyond any accident report given to the police or made at the time of the accident. In most cases, the investigating officer who comes to the scene of the crash will give all drivers involved a form to fill out and give to the DMV.

If you were not insured at the time of the crash or do not provide proof of insurance within the mandatory 15-day time frame, you will have your license suspended for 90 days (for first-time offenders). If this is a second occurrence, your license will be suspended for an entire year.

Premiums as a Percentage of Income in Alaska

As of 2017, the average per capita personal income in the state of Alaska was $57,179. Your personal income is what you net to save or spend in any given month after taxes.

The average annual cost of Alaska car insurance is approximately $1,100, which is just under 2% of the average per capita personal income.

So, the average Alaskan resident has about $4,800 per month to cover the costs of bills like rent, utilities, food, etc. Your monthly car insurance bill will deduct about $92 from that amount.

Save yourself time, trouble, and money by keeping current coverage and a clean driving record. You’ll not only save money on rates but have additional cash each month to set aside for life’s little extras.

Core Car Insurance Coverage in Alaska

Core Car Insurance Coverage in Alaska
Coverage Type Annual Costs in 2015
Combined $1,027.75
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We gathered the data above from the most recent study conducted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Be ready for Alaska car insurance rates to go up in 2019 and onward.

A policy featuring liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance is called full-coverage car insurance.

A word of caution! Remember that Alaska is a “fault” car accident state, which means that if you cause an accident, you are held liable to compensate the other party for any injuries or damages up to your policy limits.

It is always advised to purchase insurance above the state minimum amounts to protect your assets in the event that your coverage limits are exhausted before all expenses are paid.

Want to see how it works right now? Let’s examine the additional liability Alaska car insurance options you’ll definitely want to consider adding on to your policy.

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Additional Liability Coverage in Alaska

Additional Liability Coverage in Alaska
Loss Ratio201520142013
Medical Payments (MedPay)83.0781.4178.36
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist50.9153.7446.82
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The table above indicates the average loss ratio in the State of Alaska, pulled from the most recent data put together by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. A company’s loss ratio is equal to the loss percentage a carrier has sustained compared to its earned premiums.

When an insurance carrier has a loss ratio above 100, this indicates that the company is paying out more in claims than they are earning back in premiums. When a company has a consistent loss ratio of over 100, this isn’t good for them.

The table above indicates that average gains to losses in Alaska are in the normal range for MedPay coverage. It also reveals that carriers should consider reducing their premiums for uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage because they are only using about 50 percent of all premiums to cover claims.

The NAIC’s data did not include personal injury protection (PIP) gain-to-loss ratios for carriers in recent years. Visit their 2018 Auto Insurance Database Report here for further information.

In the state of Alaska, coverage options like PIP, MedPay, collision, uninsured, and underinsured motorist insurance are all optional. However, considering that Alaska ranks 11th in the nation for uninsured drivers, protecting yourself with additional coverage is always in your best interest.

Add-ons, Endorsements, and Riders

Besides additional coverage options like PIP and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, there are further add-on coverages you can opt to include in your Alaska car insurance policy. They are:

Male vs Female Annual Car Insurance Rates in Alaska

In the two tables below, we compiled data from top insurance carriers across the state to determine if age and gender made a significant difference in the rates consumers were charged. In general, men are typically charged more in annual car insurance rates than women, as they are considered to be higher-risk drivers.

However, as you will see from the data our researchers found below, this is not necessarily the case across the board. Take Allstate insurance for instance. They charge 35-year old males and females and 60-year old males and females the exact same annual rates.

Yet, if you look at their rates for 17-year old drivers, they charge males almost $1,600 more than females. With drivers in their 20s, the disparity isn’t quite as wide. Allstate charges 25-year old males around $200 higher annual rates than 25-year old females.

As you can see, age is sometimes a bigger factor in the annual insurance rates you can expect to pay than gender. It often comes down to the carrier. For example, Progressive’s annual insurance rates for male drivers are consistently higher across the board than those of female drivers. In fact, they rank #1 with the highest average annual rate for single, 17-year old male drivers when compared with other top carriers.

Did you know auto insurance companies factor marital status in when determining your rates? That’s right, married drivers pay cheaper rates than single drivers.

Let’s take a closer look!

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Demographic and Insurance Carrier

Florida Demographic and Insurance Carrier Rates
Florida CompanyMarried 35-year old female Annual RateMarried 35-year old male Annual RateMarried 60-year old female Annual RateMarried 60-year old male Annual RateSingle 17-year old female Annual RateSingle 17-year old male Annual RateSingle 25-year old female Annual RateSingle 25-year old male Annual Rate
Allstate F&C$4,653.38$4,423.29$4040.00$4,089.70$15,905.72$17,179.33$4,592.92$4,639.32
Geico General$2,986.89$3,001.17$2,793.99$2,793.99$5,342.74$6,713.47$3,292.51$3,344.27
Liberty Mutual Ins. Co.$3,711.14$3,711.14$3,398.94$3,398.94$7,859.88$12,116.72$3,711.14$5,037.27
Allied P&C$3,039.80$3,000.81$2,710.48$2,806.30$7,314.60$9,013.69$3,347.30$3,483.83
Progressive Select$3,736.10$3,523,35$3,200.74$3,428.17$10,512.83$11,453.56$4,508.82$4,302.83
State Farm Mutual Auto$2,158.99$2,158.99$1,954.51$1,954.51$6,166.09$7,832.79$2,399.41$2,556.07
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Rank by Demographic and Insurance Carrier

Alaska Rank by Demographic and Insurance Carrier
CompanyDemographicAverage Annual RateRank
Progressive DirectSingle 17-year old male$7,248.951
Allstate F&CSingle 17-year old male$6,679.062
Progressive DirectSingle 17-year old female$6,507.313
Geico GeneralSingle 17-year old male$5,955.634
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old male$5,390.655
USAASingle 17-year old male$5,168.236
Allstate F&CSingle 17-year old female$5,100.227
Geico GeneralSingle 17-year old female$4,667.648
USAASingle 17-year old female$4,660.599
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old female$4,158.6310
Allstate F&CSingle 25-year old male$2,634.3911
Allstate F&CSingle 25-year old female$2,407.0012
Geico GeneralSingle 25-year old male$2,247.3313
USAASingle 25-year old male$2,188.1814
Allstate F&CMarried 35-year old female$2,133.7115
Allstate F&CMarried 35-year old male$2,133.7115
Geico GeneralMarried 35-year old female$2,118.6617
Geico GeneralSingle 25-year old female$2,094.5318
Progressive DirectSingle 25-year old female$2,075.9919
USAASingle 25-year old female$2,065.0820
Progressive DirectSingle 25-year old male$2,053.7721
Allstate F&CMarried 60-year old female$2,037.1823
Allstate F&CMarried 60-year old male$2,037.1823
Geico GeneralMarried 60-year old female$1,999.6925
Geico GeneralMarried 60-year old male$1,902.7626
Progressive DirectMarried 35-year old female$1,846.2127
Progressive DirectMarried 35-year old male$1,631.1628
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old male$1,615.6829
Progressive DirectMarried 60-year old male$1,588.1830
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old female$1,578.1331
Progressive DirectMarried 60-year old female$1,551.2132
USAAMarried 35-year old female$1,439.3933
USAAMarried 35-year old male$1,435.8434
USAAMarried 60-year old female$1,341.6135
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old female$1,340.3036
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old male$1,340.3036
USAAMarried 60-year old male$1,334.7138
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 60-year old female$1,200.6239
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 60-year old male$1,200.6239
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Highest and Lowest Rates in Alaska by ZIP Code

Is car insurance expensive in Alaska?

Although health insurance in Alaska is expensive compared to the national average, auto insurance varies across the state. Below are the highest and lowest insurance carrier rates in Alaska based on ZIP code. Pay close attention to the averages listed to see how they change depending on your address.

ZipcodeAverage Yearly RateAllstate F&C Yearly RateGeico General Yearly RateProgressive Direct Yearly RateState Farm Mutual Auto Yearly RateUSAA Yearly Rate
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Most Expensive/Least Expensive Carrier Rates by City

Alaska Most Expensive/Least Expensive Carrier Rates by City
Most Expensive CitiesAverage Yearly RateLeast Expensive CitiesAverage Yearly Rate
DELTA JUNCTION$2,824.49HOONAH$2,348.11
FORT GREELY$2,824.49KAKE$2,348.31
NORTH POLE$2,827.17PELICAN$2,348.31
TWO RIVERS$2,848.08ELFIN COVE$2,370.52
FORT WAINWRIGHT$2,876.16SITKA$2,371.90
SALCHA$2,880.20AUKE BAY$2,391.42
HOUSTON$2,957.31COFFMAN COVE$2,438.02
JBER$3,000.69WARD COVE$2,438.02
INDIAN$3,026.69POINT BAKER$2,455.82
SUTTON$3,060.28THORNE BAY$2,456.86
BIG LAKE$3,072.96HYDER$2,468.39
PALMER$3,091.71MEYERS CHUCK$2,472.61
EAGLE RIVER$3,111.36YAKUTAT$2,473.27
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As the table above shows, car insurance in Anchorage, Alaska, and other large cities have higher carrier rates than small towns like Angoon. So, your location is definitely a deciding factor in the ultimate rate an insurance company will charge you.

What are the best Alaska car insurance companies?

Now you know that age, gender, and location impact your car insurance rates, it’s time to see which insurance companies have the most to offer consumers. We will cover the 10 largest Alaska car insurance companies’ financial ratings, which include ratings from big names like Geico and State Farm car insurance. Then, we will turn to Alaska car insurance carriers with the most complaints.

Ready? Here we go…

The 10 Largest Alaska Car Insurance Companies’ Financial Ratings

10 Largest Alaska Car Insurance Companies' Financial Ratings
Providers (Listed by Size, Largest to Smallest)A.M. Best Rating
State Farm A++
Liberty MutualA
Country Insurance & Financial Service GroupA+
Hartford Fire & Casualty GroupA+
Tiptree Financial GroupA-
Horace Mann Group A
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Ready to find out which Alaska car insurance companies have the most consumer complaints across the state?

Let’s take a look!

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Alaska Car Insurance Companies with the MOST Customer Complaints

Below are Alaska car insurance companies with the most customer complaints, based on the Alaska Department of Insurance’s most recent annual report. Each carrier received five or more complaints, with the projected number of complaints based on the company’s total written premiums.

The report recorded complaints about companies providing all kinds of insurance coverage (not just auto). These are the top auto insurance carriers with the most customer complaints.

Alaska Car Insurance Companies with the Most Customer Complaints
CompanyMarket Share PercentageExpected Number of Complaints based on Percent of MarketActual Number of ComplaintsActual as Percentage of Total Complaints
State Farm 6.3%1063.6%
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Remember, some complaints stem from overall customer satisfaction, so incorporate that into your decision-making process.

Alaska’s Car Insurance Rates by Provider

We know that rates are going to probably be the most significant determinant of the insurance provider you end up choosing. So, which are the cheapest insurance companies in Alaska? Take a look at the table below, listing five of the top carriers in the state, along with their average rates as compared to the total state average.

Alaska Car Insurance Rates by Provider
CompanyAverage Yearly RateCompared to State AveragePercentage
Allstate F&C$3,145.31$391.2212.44%
Geico General$2,879.95$125.874.37%
Progressive Direct$3,062.85$308.7610.08%
State Farm Mutual Auto$2,228.12-$525.97-23.61%
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As our researchers discovered, Allstate charges the highest annual premiumswhile USAA charges the lowest. In fact, there is an almost $700 rate disparity between the two. That’s pretty significant! Keep in mind, while USAA has the cheapest average car insurance rates, this company only insures military personnel and their families.

Commute Rates

Alaska Commute Rates
GroupCommute & Annual MileageAnnual Average
Allstate25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$3,206.78
Allstate10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$3,083.83
Progressive25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$3,062.85
Progressive10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$3,062.85
Geico25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$2,916.47
Geico10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$2,843.44
USAA25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$2,496.39
USAA10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$2,412.02
State Farm25 miles commute. 12000 annual mileage.$2,289.34
State Farm10 miles commute. 6000 annual mileage.$2,166.89
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The table above compares the rates of top carriers in the state against average commute times. It is interesting to note, that Allstate comes in again with the highest premiums-to-annual-mileage ratio.

It is also worth mentioning that not all companies charged increased rates for higher mileage. As you can see, Progressive charges insureds the exact same rates for both 10-mile and 25-mile commutes.

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Coverage Level Rates

Alaska Cost by Company with Different Coverage Levels
CompanyCoverage TypeAnnual Average
Liberty MutualHigh$5,558.30
Liberty MutualMedium$5,267.49
Liberty MutualLow$5,051.39
State FarmHigh$4,324.68
State FarmMedium$4,089.03
State FarmLow$3,895.87
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Credit History Rates

A recent study by Experian found that the average resident of Alaska has a credit card VantageScore of 668 and approximately 2.9 credit cards to his/her name. The same study also found that most Alaskan residents have an average balance of $8,515 on their credit cards.

In the vast majority of states, your credit card debt has a direct effect on your car insurance premiums. Alaska is no different. Insurance companies have various tools at their disposal to assess the credit-worthiness of potential insurees, and therefore, the likelihood of them getting into debt and not paying their monthly bill on time.

So, if you have mounds of unpaid credit card debt, this could spike your insurance rates considerably. Of course, every insurance carrier is different.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the top Alaska car insurance carriers to see how they assess rates based on your credit score.

Here we go…

Alaska Rates by Credit History
GroupCredit HistoryAnnual Average
State FarmPoor$3,082.77
State FarmFair$1,992.76
State FarmGood$1,608.81
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You’ve probably noticed that each insurance carrier listed has a fairly wide gap in rates between consumers with good vs. poor credit scores. Case in point, USAA charges insureds with poor credit scores about $1,500 more in annual premiums than they do consumers with good credit.

That’s a pretty steep difference. As you can see, keeping your credit card debt in check is not only important for things like loan approval but for securing optimal Alaska car insurance rates too.

Driving Record Rates

Alaska Cost by Company with Different Driving Records
CompanyDriving RecordAnnual Premiums
AllstateWith 1 DUI$3,541.83
AllstateWith 1 accident$3,541.27
AllstateWith 1 speeding violation$2,987.51
AllstateClean record$2,510.60
GeicoWith 1 DUI$4,320.46
GeicoWith 1 accident$3,044.11
GeicoWith 1 speeding violation$2,096.36
GeicoClean record$2,058.90
ProgressiveWith 1 DUI
ProgressiveWith 1 accident
ProgressiveWith 1 speeding violation$3,086.55
ProgressiveClean record$2,740.77
State FarmWith 1 DUI
State FarmWith 1 accident$2,424.84
State FarmWith 1 speeding violation$2,228.13
State FarmClean record$2,031.37
USAAWith 1 DUI$3,231.71
USAAWith 1 accident$2,473.74
USAAWith 1 speeding violation$2,182.92
USAAClean record$1,928.44
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Your driving history is a notable factor in your annual premium rates. Here’s the deal, though.

The insurance carrier can be an even bigger factor, depending on the company you go with. Take Geico, for example. The rate jump for a driver with a clean record vs. a driver with one DUI on their record is almost $2,300.

If you have poor credit or a bad driving record, you might be able to save some money by looking into auto insurance discounts. Most major insurers offer multiple opportunities to save, including the safe driver discount, good student discount, defensive driving course discount, multi-policy discount, and a lot more.

You might also ask your insurance provider if they offer a usage-based insurance program. These programs use a mobile app or plug-in device to monitor your driving habits, and you earn a discount for driving safely.

Different auto insurance providers offer different discounts, so make sure to get quotes from multiple companies before choosing an auto insurance policy.

The 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies in Alaska

10 Largest Car Insurance Companies in Alaska
Company NameDirect Premiums WrittenLoss RatioMarket Share
State Farm Group$133,81677.95%28.55%
USAA Group$83,68768.67%17.86%
Allstate Insurance Group$59,50745.56%12.70%
Progressive Group$50,92267.86%10.86%
Liberty Mutual Group$16,33763.73%3.49%
Country Insurance & Financial Service Group$14,04265.14%3.00%
Hartford Fire & Casualty Group$10,33266.49%2.20%
Tiptree Financial Group$4,93820.10%1.05%
Horace Mann Group$4,74867.08%1.01%
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Number of Car Insurance Providers in Alaska

Number of Car Insurance Providers in Alaska
Property & Casualty InsuranceTotals
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What do you need to know about driving laws in Alaska?

If you want to secure the best coverage and stay safe while out on the open road, it’s essential to understand Alaska car insurance laws, vehicle licensing laws, and rules of the road.

If you’re driving in Alaska you already know the potential for jaw-dropping views is high, but check out the video above for a daily dose of “awe.”

Let’s get this show on the road…

Alaska’s Car Insurance Laws

One of the things that separate Alaska’s car insurance laws from those of other states is that depending on where you live you are not required to register your vehicle or obtain car insurance. Alaska is one of many states which enforces a strict no texting ban on all drivers.

It is also interesting to note that young drivers can earn their learner’s license as young as 14 years of age in Alaska. Want to learn more?

Let’s go…

High-Risk Insurance

If you have a history of accidents or traffic violations, you could find yourself in a position where purchasing coverage from an auto insurance carrier is next to impossible. This is the point where high-risk insurance (sometimes called SR-22 insurance) can come to save the day.

Known as the Alaska Automobile Insurance Plan, this has been the state’s standard high-risk plan since the late ’70s. The idea behind the Alaska Automobile Insurance Plan (or AK AIP) is to increase the percentage of insured drivers behind the wheel while spreading the costs of insuring high-risk drivers across various state carriers.

To be considered eligible for coverage through AK AIP, you must:

  • Confirm in writing that you tried to secure your own auto insurance in the previous 60 days but were unsuccessful in doing so
  • Have a valid Alaska driver’s license
  • Complete the AIP application fully and accurately to the best of your knowledge

If you meet the necessary qualifications for Alaska’s high-risk insurance plan, the AK AIP will assign you to a carrier. You will not be able to pick your insurance company. 

After you have been assigned a carrier, you automatically have 3 years of coverage, unless you violate the terms of eligibility. Find out more here.

Low-Cost Insurance

While some states offer low-cost insurance for disabled or low-income individuals, Alaska does not offer such a program.

Windshield Coverage

Some states impose a waived deductible for the costs of windshield repairs, while others require you to use only manufacturer replacement parts. Alaska imposes no such specific laws.

If you wish to have windshield coverage for your vehicle, you will need to purchase comprehensive coverage. Carefully weigh how various providers approach windshield claims to determine which carrier best meets your needs.

Automobile Insurance Fraud in Alaska

Automobile insurance fraud is a criminal offense in the state of Alaska. Insurance fraud occurs when an insured driver tries to deceive or defraud an insurer in order to obtain benefits or payouts they are not eligible for.

Alaska Statute 21.36.360 defines insurance fraud as any action taken with the purpose of deceiving, defrauding, or injuring any of the below parties:

  • Insurance companies
  • Insurance policyholders
  • Insurance applicants

If an insured individual offers false information when giving a sworn statement pertaining to a claim, this is considered a fraudulent act. Likewise, anyone who forges a certificate of insurance or knowingly holds or issues the same is held guilty of committing insurance fraud.

The penalties for automobile insurance fraud are as follows:

Class B Felonies: Up to 10 years in prison and/or up to $100,000 in fines for

  • Making false sworn statements
  • Committing fraudulent acts exceeding $10,000

Class C Felonies: Up to five years in prison and/or up to $50,000 in fines for

  • Making two inconsistent sworn statements
  • Committing fraudulent acts of $500,000 or more
  • Intentional fraud
  • Unjustifiably removing a report

Class A Misdemeanors: Up to one year in prison and/or up to $10,000 in fines for

  • Committing fraudulent acts of less than $500,000
  • Compensating non-agents/brokers
  • Third-degree forgery

Class B Misdemeanors: Up to 90 days in prison and/or up to $2,000 in fines for

  • Intentionally recording false statements on an insurance application

Long story short, don’t commit insurance fraud, and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations is the amount of time under state law you have to file a lawsuit. Each state has its own statute of limitations for personal injury and property damage matters.

Your statute of limitations is not to be confused with the time you have to file a car insurance claim. If you get into an accident, your insurer requires you to file a claim in a reasonable time frame, typically within days or weeks of the event.

Alaska Statute 09.10.070 sets a two-year statute of limitations to file a civil suit with the courts. The statute is relevant to anyone-driver, bicyclist, passenger, motorcyclist, or pedestrian-injured in an auto accident. It also applies to property damage claims following a crash and incidents where a death occurred and the family wishes to file a wrongful death suit.

Pure Comparative Fault Rule

Different states have different methods of approaching car accidents involving comparative fault. Alaska is no exception.

If you get into a car accident in the state of Alaska and the other driver is totally at fault, the scenario is fairly simple. The other driver’s insurance will pay for things like medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs.

However, if you were partially to blame for the crash, this is where the pure comparative fault rule comes into play. Based on this rule, in the event of a personal injury lawsuit, your total awarded damages would be cut by the percentage of fault you were assigned.

For example, if a jury awarded you $60,000 in damages, but still deemed you 30 percent at fault for the crash, you would only receive $42,000 under the comparative fault rule.

This rule also applies even when you are held to be more at fault for the accident than the other driver. So, if a jury deemed that you were 80 percent at fault, you would still potentially be able to collect 20 percent in total damages (although you would still be liable for the 80 percent of the other driver’s total damages).

Alaska’s pure comparative fault rule is fairly unique, considering most states adhere to the modified comparative fault rule, which only allows you to collect damages if you were 50 percent or less at fault for the collision.

Alaska’s Vehicle Licensing Laws

Now, it’s time to find out what Alaska’s mandatory vehicle licensing laws are.

Let’s begin…

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

  • First Offense: License suspension for 90 days
  • Second Offense: License suspension for one year

According to Alaska Statute 28.22.019, acceptable forms of proof of insurance include:

  • A copy of your insurance policy
  • A certificate of self-insurance that is currently in effect
  • Printed proof of insurance card
  • Electronic insurance certification from your carrier, agent, broker, or surplus lines broker that the policy is in compliance with Alaska Statute 28.22.101

If you get into an auto accident, you will be required to show proof of liability insurance coverage if the accident caused personal injury, death, or property damage over $500. This rule applies no matter who was at fault for the accident.

Teen Driver Laws

In the state of Alaska, you must be at least 14 years old to secure your learner’s permit.

Before you can earn your license or restricted license as a young driver you must:

  • Have held your learner’s permit for 6 months
  • Completed a minimum of 40 hours of supervised driving time, 10 of which must have been at night or during inclement weather
  • Be at least 16 years old

During the restricted license stage, you are not permitted to:

  • Drive between 1 A.M. and 5 A.M.
  • Transport passengers under the age of 21

To have the nighttime and passenger restrictions lifted for a full license, you must have held your intermediate license for 6 months or turn 18 years old (whichever occurs first).

Older Driver and General Population License Renewal Procedure

Here’s a quick overview of the older driver and general population license renewal procedures in the state of Alaska.

Older drivers:

  • Renew every 5 years
  • Provide proof of adequate vision if age 69 or older at every renewal
  • May not renew by mail or online if 69 or older

The general population:

  • Renew every 5 years
  • Provide proof of adequate vision only when renewing in person
  • May renew either via mail or online every other renewal

New Residents

If you’re gearing up for a move to The Last Frontier, here’s what you need to know about new resident licensure procedures. You will need to visit your local Division of Motor Vehicles location to apply for your new license and submit Form 478. You may print and fill out this form ahead of your visit.

Due to various remote areas throughout Alaska that could make obtaining your license prove difficult, the Alaska DMV offers further services for rural drivers. Read their full guide here.

To obtain your driver’s license as a new resident, you will need to provide:

  • Proof of your legal name, date of birth, and citizenship (known as your primary document)
  • A second document (verifying your primary document)
  • Proof of principal residence
  • Proof of social security number
  • Proof of name change (if you’ve changed your legal name)

For a full list of the acceptable forms of each of the above documents, click here.

Negligent Operator Treatment System

Alaska considers negligent driving an infraction, punishable by up to $300 worth of fines and six points on the individual’s driving record if convicted.

Negligent driving is driving “in a manner that creates an unjustifiable risk of harm to a person or to property and who, as a result of the creation of the risk, actually endangers a person or property.”

The solution is simple. Stay safe on the roads, follow the posted speed limits, and you’ll be set. Speaking of which, it’s time to dive into Alaska’s rules of the road.

Alaska’s Rules of the Road

We’ve got a detailed overview of Alaska’s essential rules of the road to keep you safe and protected, whether you’re driving by the city lights or out in the wilderness.

Let’s get into it!

Fault vs. No-Fault

Remember, Alaska is a “fault” insurance state. Whoever is responsible for causing an auto collision is also held liable to compensate the other party or parties involved for injuries or damages sustained in the accident.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company will handle these losses, up and until policy limits are exhausted. A key point to bear in mind is that if you are ever at fault for a collision and your policy limits are exhausted, your assets are on the line if the other driver’s bills keep piling up.

Keep Right and Move Over Laws

Alaska drivers are instructed by law to keep to the right outer lane if they are driving slower than the flow of traffic, except if they are passing another vehicle. For more information, you can access the Alaska Administrative Code 13.02.050 here.

According to Alaska Statute 28.35.185, the state’s move over law, drivers nearing a stationary emergency vehicle with flashing lights (including tow vehicles) and driving in the same direction are to move over to the nearest lane if they can safely do so. If not, they must slow down to a careful speed to accommodate the emergency vehicle.

The law also covers animal control vehicles. Violation of this statute could result in the driver being charged with a Class A misdemeanor if personal injury occurs or an infraction is committed.

Speed Limits

The maximum speed limit on rural interstates and limited access roads in Alaska is 65 mph. The speed limit is 55 mph on urban interstates and other roads.

Seat Belt and Carseat Laws

All children less than 1-year-old or who weigh under 20 pounds must be securely fastened in a rear-facing child restraint. Children ages 1-3 who weigh over 20 pounds must be fastened in a child restraint. Children between the ages of 4-15 who are either less than 57 inches tall or who weigh over 20 but less than 65 pounds must be fastened in a booster seat.

Children between 4-7 who are at least 57 inches tall or over 65 pounds and children between the ages of 7-15 who are under 57 inches tall or weigh less than 65 pounds may also wear an adult safety belt. Violation of these rules could result in a $50 fine for first-time offenses.

All vehicle occupants aged 16 and up in any seat must be securely fastened with a seatbelt. A violation carries a maximum fine of $15 for first-time offenders.

There are no state laws restricting passengers from riding in cargo areas in pickup trucks.


Rideshare services such as Uber mandate that all their drivers carry personal car insurance policies that align or exceed the minimum coverages dictated by state law.

Drivers rarely carry their own commercial insurance coverage.

Automation on the Road

Alaska does not currently have legislation in place regarding the testing or driving of autonomous vehicles.

Alaska’s Safety Laws

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Now, we’re going to dive deeper into Alaska’s safety laws to keep you safe and secure when you get behind the wheel.

DUI Laws

For more information, on Alaska’s DUI laws check out the information we’ve collected below.

Alaska's DUI Laws
Alaska's DUI LawsInfo
BAC Limit0.08
Criminal Status by Offense1st-2nd offenses are class A misdemeanors. 3rd+ offenses in 10 years are a class C felony.
Formal Name for OffenseDriving Under the Influence (DUI) / Operating Under the Influence (OUI).
Look Back Period/Washout Period15 years
1st Offense-ALS or Revocation90 days
1st Offense-ImprisonmentMandatory minimum of 72 consecutive hours.
1st Offense-Fine$1,500 minimum + $200 license reinstatement fee.
1st Offense-OtherSR-22 liability insurance required for 5 years, plus possible attendance at ASAP endorsed treatment program. Mandatory interlock period of 1 year.
2nd Offense-DL Revocation1 year
2nd Offense-ImprisonmentMandatory minimum of 20 days.
2nd Offense-Fine$3,000 minimum + $500 license reinstatement fee.
2nd Offense-OtherSR-22 liability insurance required for 10 years, plus a mandatory interlock period of 2 years.
3rd Offense-DL Revocation3 years
3rd Offense-ImprisonmentMandatory minimum of 60 days.
3rd Offense-Fine$4,000 minimum.
3rd Offense-OtherSR-22 liability insurance required for 20 years, plus 3 year interlock period.
4th Offense-DL Revocation5 years
4th Offense-ImprisonmentMandatory minimum 120 days.
4th Offense-Fine$10,000 minimum.
4th Offense-OtherSR-22 liability insurance required for life, plus 3 year interlock if license is restored.
5th Offense5th+ offenses are treated the same as 4th offense.
Mandatory InterlockAll offenders.
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Marijuana-Impaired Driving Laws

While recreational marijuana is permitted in Alaska, driving while under the influence of marijuana is not. Getting high before getting behind the while could result in a DUI charge.

It is up to the officer’s discretion to determine whether to arrest the driver for getting out on the road while under the influence of marijuana. The moral of the story is, never use marijuana when you plan on getting behind the wheel. Find out more by visiting the related fact sheet published by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Division of Public Health here.

Distracted Driving Laws

Alaska maintains the most severe distracted driving laws out of all 50 states. Texting while driving is illegal, and has been since 2012. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Texting while driving is a Class A misdemeanor, carrying up to $10,000 in fines and a year’s imprisonment
  • If someone is injured in the crash you could be charged with a Class C felony, carrying up to $50,000 in fines and 5 year’s imprisonment
  • If someone becomes severely injured, the charge is a Class B felony, which carries up to $100,000 in fines and 10 year’s imprisonment
  • If an individual is killed, the charge becomes a Class A felony, carrying up to $20,000 in fines and 20 year’s imprisonment

It all boils down to this: don’t text and drive.

What else do you need to know about Alaska?

Ready to learn some fascinating facts about Alaska that all drivers need to know? We bet you’ll be surprised by some of these…

Vehicle Theft in Alaska

In 2016, there were just over 2,000 vehicle thefts in the state of Alaska. Here are the top 10 stolen vehicles in Alaska:

Vehicle Theft in Alaska
Make/ModelYearNumber of Thefts
Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2003147
Ford Pickup (Full Size)200495
GMC Pickup (Full Size)199758
Honda Civic200056
Honda Accord199346
Dodge Pickup (Full Size)199844
Ford Explorer199431
Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee199928
Ford Pickup (Small Size)200022
Chevrolet Pickup (Small Size)199820
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Risky/Harmful Driving Behavior

To help you stay safe while driving, it is important to be aware of common risky driving behaviors in Alaska.

So, let’s take a closer look.

2017 Traffic Fatalities

Number of Fatalities by Region Type in Alaska
TypeNumber of Fatalities
Rural Traffic Fatalities 45
Urban Traffic Fatalities 33
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Fatalities by Person Type

Alaska Fatalities by Person Type
Person TypeNumber
Occupants (Enclosed Vehicles)56
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Fatalities by Crash Type

Alaska Fatalities by Crash Type
Crash TypeNumber
Single Vehicle51
Involving a Large Truck5
Involving Speeding26
Involving a Rollover20
Involving a Roadway Departure48
Involving an Intersection (or Intersection Related)18
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Five Year Trend for the Top 10 Counties

Alaska 5 Year Trend for the Top 10 Counties
CountyFatalities 2013Fatalities 2014Fatalities 2015Fatalities 2016Fatalities 2017
Matanuska-Susitna Borough 1114152021
Anchorage Borough1725262118
Fairbanks North Star Borough7119812
Kenai Peninsula Borough466116
Bethel Census Area11214
Denali Borough14014
Nome Census Area01004
Prince Of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census Area10112
Juneau Borough02011
Ketchikan Gateway Borough00011
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Fatalities Involving Speeding by Top 10 Counties

Fatalities Involving Speeding by Top 10 Counties
County NameFatality Totals 2013Fatality Totals 2014Fatality Totals 2015Fatality Totals 2016Fatality Totals 2017Fatality Per 100K 2013Fatality Per 100K 2014Fatality Per 100K 2015Fatality Per 100K 2016Fatality Per 100K 2017
Aleutians East Borough000000.
Aleutians West Census Area000300.000.000.0052.200.00
Anchorage Borough835432.661.001.681.351.02
Bethel Census Area100135.600.000.005.5616.60
Bristol Bay Borough000000.
Denali Borough1300251.76156.820.000.0096.43
Dillingham Census Area1000020.
Fairbanks North Star Borough353752.975.033.016.965.01
Haines Borough000000.
Juneau Borough010000.
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Fatalities in Crashes Involving an Alcohol-Impaired Driver by Top 10 Counties

Fatalities in Crashes Involving an Alcohol-Impaired Driver by Top 10 Counties
County NameFatalities Total 2013Fatalities Total 2014Fatalities Total 2015Fatalities Total 2016Fatalities Total 2017Fatalities per 100K 2013Fatalities per 100K 2014Fatalities per 100K 2015Fatalities per 100K 2016Fatalities per 100K 2017
Aleutians East Borough000000.
Aleutians West Census Area001300.000.0017.1952.200.00
Anchorage Borough577551.662.332.351.681.70
Bethel Census Area101125.600.005.575.5611.06
Bristol Bay Borough000000.
Denali Borough1100151.7652.270.000.0048.22
Dillingham Census Area1000020.
Fairbanks North Star Borough234311.983.024.012.981.00
Haines Borough000000.
Juneau Borough010010.
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Teen Drinking and Driving

Alaska Teens & Drunk Driving
Teens and Drunk DrivingInfo
Under 21 Alcohol-Impaired Driving Fatalities Per 100K of the Population1.4
Higher/Lower Than National Average (1.2)Higher
DUI Arrests (Under 18 Years Old)31
DUI Arrests (Under 18 Years Old) Total Per Million People165.49
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EMS Response Time

Alaska EMS Response Time
LocationTime of Crash to EMS NotificationEMS Notification to EMS ArrivalEMS Arrival at Scene to Hospital ArrivalTime of Crash to Hospital Arrival
Rural Fatal Crashes2.9113.1639.3348.59
Urban Fatal Crashes0.846.1822.0028.83
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On average, most drivers in Alaska have a far shorter commute time than most U.S. drivers with only about 17 minutes spent in the car each way. Around 1.47 percent of Alaska’s working residents drive “super commutes” over 90 minutes long.

Below is the latest data collected regarding the average car ownership, commute time, and commuter transportation stats in Alaska.

Check it out!

Car Ownership

Commute Time

Commuter Transportation

There are plenty of reasons residents love Alaska. From its rugged beauty to impressive wildlife to endless opportunities for outdoor adventures, The Last Frontier couldn’t be a more apropos name.

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