Getting Car Insurance Using a Provisional License

Car insurance with a provisional license is expensive because the driver is inexperienced. Completing safe driving courses could earn you up to a 25% discount on provisional license car insurance rates.

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Here's what you need to know...

  • There are a number of different ways to get insurance for a provisional driver such as adding that driver to an existing policy
  • Provisional drivers are often viewed as inexperienced drivers which have higher insurance rates
  • Know how your insurance company handles provisional drivers so your policy does not get cancelled if you add a provisional driver to your policy
  • Males with provisional driver’s licenses will pay more for car insurance than females with provisional driver’s licenses

Even with a provisional driver’s license, your vehicle is required to be insured. This requirement is present in every state with no exceptions. A provisional driver license or sometimes called a provisional instruction permit is a license with special conditions. This license is given to young drivers aged 15-18. Even though they can legally drive after 16 years old, they need to have this type of license six months prior. With a provisional driving license, you’re allowed to drive with a licensed adult above 25 years of age.

Failure to follow restrictions can lead to serious consequences and penalties, revocation of the provisional license, and license suspension.

Which drivers have a provisional driver’s license?

So what is a provisional license? Some provisional drivers may have lost their license due to serious traffic violations such as driving with no insurance. The court then requires the driver to obtain insurance on their vehicle before they can get their full license back.

An auto insurance company may temporarily issue a policy so that the driver can obtain a full license.

If the insured fails to obtain a driver’s license, then the car insurance company may cancel their policy due to no license.

Not every insurance company covers individuals with suspended driver’s licenses or provisional driver’s license.

In some cases, if you add a provisional driver to a policy without letting the auto insurance company know, they may ask you to remove the driver or cancel your policy completely. It is always good to check with your auto insurance providers prior to adding provisional drivers to know how the company handles them.

Also, new provisional drivers are often seen as inexperienced. They are seen as high-risk because they have not been licensed long. Therefore, driving on a provisional licence may cause your rates to increase. Now that you know what is a provisional driver license, let’s find out how to get car insurance with a provisional driver’s license.

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How do you obtain car insurance with a provisional driver’s license?

In most cases, you will have to let the insurance company know that you are a provisional driver and do not have a full license. They may temporarily issue a policy until you get your full license. In most cases, provisional drivers are on a learner’s permit. When dealing with a young driver who has a learning permit, it is best to add the driver to a pre-existing policy.

However, adding a provisional driver to an existing policy will likely increase your rates. When making major changes to your policy, you should shop around to find the insurance company with the best rate. Comparison shopping will help you save money and get the best rate possible.

All insurance companies handle provisional drivers differently. So be honest with your car insurance agent to save a lot of hassle and headaches later down the road.

Don’t assume that just because a driver has a provisional license that they do not need to be added to your policy. If you do not add a provisional driver to your policy and they need coverage, many insurance companies consider this rate evasion and will either increase your rate automatically by adding the driver or cancel your policy.

What kind of effects does a provisional driver’s license have on car insurance rates?

If you are a new driver, your inexperience on the road means higher rates until you reach 25 years old. About 10 years’ worth of driving history is the average time needed to lower your risk factor. Adding an individual with a provisional driver’s license to a pre-existing auto insurance policy may be one way to keep rates down. However, doing so will cause the original policy holder’s rates to go up.

If a driver has a suspended driver’s license and needs proof of insurance, like an SR-22 form, in order to receive their full driver’s license then an insurance company may temporarily issue a policy for that driver.

When a provisional driver’s old policy was cancelled due to a suspended license and they are now seeking to purchases a new auto insurance policy they could be re-rated at a higher rate.

When looking for insurance with a provisional driver’s license it is always best to shop around with different insurance carriers. Not only does this help you find the best rate, but it also helps you find companies willing to insure drivers with provisional driver’s licenses.

Are car insurance rates higher with a provisional driver’s license?

Males with a provisional driver’s license will pay more for insurance than a female with a provisional driver’s license. According to Quality Planning, teen males have more car accidents at a rate of four to one. These statistics determine the insurance rates for males versus females, and they will affect your rates for the rest of your life.

However, as you age, the division between genders changes as far as price goes, as the number of accidents involving male drivers decreases after they reach the age of 27. If you are looking to save money on your teen’s car insurance, whether they have a provisional driver’s license or a regular one, then you need to ensure that your child takes both driver’s education courses and defensive driving classes.

Many schools offer driver’s education classes with defensive driving included.

While you are still going to pay more for your child’s insurance than you will for an adult of the same gender, taking courses that teach safe driving techniques will at least get you a discount on those rates of between 10 and 25%. Naturally, you will also want to compare rates between car insurance companies.

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Does provisional car insurance cover accidents with teen drivers?

Teens learning how to drive will need to be covered with teen car insurance in case of an accident. The best way to cover a teenager is with a provisional car insurance policy. Learning to drive with a friend or family member gives a teen saves money.

Typically after a teen receives their learner’s permit, they need to get real-world driving experience. One option is to find a driving school and pay for the number of classes and lessons necessary to be ready to take the driving exam. The other option is to learn while driving with a friend or relative. However, finding cheap insurance for teen drivers is not easy. Learn how to get cheap car insurance for young drivers.

While learning with a driving school a teen is covered under the school’s insurance. Provisional driver’s insurance allows parents or relatives to protect a teen while they are still learning to drive.

While a teen is learning to drive, there is an increased chance of an accident happening. Provisional car insurance will give parents a feeling of protection in case of an accident occurring. If a teen covered by provisional car insurance does get involved in an accident, they will have an insurance company on their side.

How can you train teens to be safe drivers?

There are many people on the roads today and combined with the number of distractions, it is important for a teen to learn how to drive safely and confidently. By having a teen covered under a provisional car insurance policy, you will be able to give them more training than the allotted time at a driving school.

Finding coverage can be easy, and finding the best policy is as easy as getting online and comparing several different policies.

What are the reasons to get provisional car insurance?

Accidents can happen to everyone, whether they have been driving for two months or ten years. Provisional car insurance is used in case anything does happen while a teen is learning to drive. Once they have their license, they will be legally required to be covered by the minimum car insurance required by the state.

Getting a teen insured before they are covered by an auto insurance policy will allow them to better understand all about the various aspects of insurance.

Although many people may choose to let their teens drive without insurance thinking that nothing bad will happen, it is not wise to do so. People who choose to remain optimistic often end up unprepared for dealing with accidents. Provisional car insurance coverage covers teens while they are learning a difficult skill while at the same time protecting parents from paying out of pocket if there are any accidents.

How do you find provisional car insurance?

Many states require a person that is 16 years or older to be included on a car insurance policy. People looking for provisional car insurance will find that it is more expensive compared to rates for a licensed driver.

There are a few steps to find the best coverage possible.

  • Search for different insurance companies – Using a search engine, phonebook, or references, find a list of the best car insurance companies that offer provisional car insurance
  • Compare quotes – Compare prices and the policy limit, the terms, and any exclusions to find the best policy that fits into your budget and provides enough coverage
  • Choose a policy – After reviewing all the quotes and information, select the best policy for your family and teen
  • Always make sure that a licensed driver is in the car with the teen – While a teen is learning to drive it is important to make sure that a person at least 18 years old without restrictions on his license is in the car with the teen

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Can you save money on provisional license car insurance?

US drivers must insure their teens with a standard auto insurance policy before they can legally drive. Some car insurance companies offer auto insurance discounts for teens such as the Good Student Discount. Additionally, some states require teens to have car insurance before they can get their license

When you have a child with a provisional driver’s license, you may be looking for provisional car insurance to lower the cost of your auto insurance. Unfortunately, in the US, there is no option to purchase provisional car insurance. This is only something available overseas.

No matter what state you live in or what type of license your teen has, they are required to have auto insurance coverage before they can get behind the wheel of their vehicle.

What are some alternatives to provisional car insurance?

There are some states, such as North Carolina, that require that you have auto insurance before you can get a drivers license. While this doesn’t apply to a learner’s permit, if your teen wants their provisional license in states like these, then they will have to purchase car insurance first.

While a specific provisional car insurance policy won’t be available, you will find that you can purchase a non-owner car insurance policy for your teen. A non-owner policy is an insurance policy for people who don’t own their own vehicle but want to ensure that they have enough coverage when they are driving someone else’s vehicle.

Can you purchase a non-owner insurance policy for a provisional driver?

It is important to note that you cannot purchase a non-owner policy for someone who will regularly drive your vehicle; this option is only for those who aren’t sure what they are going to be driving and when. A non-owner policy is ideal for those of you who have a teen that you won’t be allowed to drive your vehicle on a regular basis.

Additionally, if your teen eventually purchases their own vehicle, they can transfer that policy to their specific vehicle.

A non-owner policy can be a great deal for parents of teen drivers because if you own a vehicle with a comprehensive policy, you don’t have to see your rates on the comprehensive policy rise if you add a teen driver to it. Find out more car insurance options for parents.

A non-owner policy will provide your state’s requirements for auto insurance and nothing more. This allows you to save quite a lot of money on your monthly premiums.

Why doesn’t provisional coverage exist?

Many states require teens to carry a provisional license. A provisional license is a driver’s license that restricts the driver from certain activities while driving. Typically, these restrictions apply to driving after 9 p.m. or transporting other people under a certain age.

With these types of restrictions, it seems plausible that a provisional car insurance policy would be available to teen drivers. A policy that takes into account their reduced driving ability, such as a provisional car insurance policy, makes sense.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are bound by the states requirements for all drivers, which is that they are required to carry a certain amount of insurance.

Insurance companies do make certain allowances for how a person drives and, while that isn’t shown on a provisional car insurance policy, it is possible to receive some discounts for limited driving time.

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Provisional Car Insurance: What will affect your teen’s insurance rates?

It is a simple fact that teen car insurance is more expensive than car insurance for adults. While it may seem unfair from the perspective of a teen and even to the adults that are paying the insurance premiums for their kids, the bottom line is that over half of the accidents in the US are caused by teens.

In addition, teen drivers are responsible for more accidents that end in the death of other drivers than any other group in the country.

Auto insurance for teen boys will be more expensive than auto insurance for teen girls. Studies show that regardless of age, females tend to be better drivers than males and are less willing to take risks when they drive. The difference isn’t significant enough for you to wish you had a girl instead of a boy, but your child’s gender will have some effect on the total premiums.

Tips for New Drivers

  • Ensure your child has the proper training courses before you allow them to get their driver’s license
  • Your teen’s grades can affect the car insurance rates as well. If they have good grades then they can get a discount on their car insurance
  • One of the biggest mistakes that new drivers or the parents of new drivers make is buying a brand new car

Enrolling your teen in a defensive driving course after they get their license may qualify them for lower auto insurance rates. Insurance companies charge based on how much they will have to pay out if you total your vehicle as well as the assessed risk based on who is driving the vehicle.

If you finance the vehicle and have to purchase comprehensive insurance, then you can expect the costs to be prohibitive. Naturally, if your child was found at fault in an auto accident then the rates will be negatively affected. You may also find that if your teen has had more than one accident that many insurance companies will not insure them at all.

How to Save on Car Insurance With a Provisional Driver’s License

The short answer to this question is yes, you can save money when you purchase insurance for provisional drivers. What you have to understand is that with or without provisional car insurance options, insurance for a teen is simply going to be much higher than it will be for an adult that drives safely.

One of the least expensive options is by purchasing liability only or your state’s minimum insurance requirements. To do this, your teen needs to have their own vehicle without financing. While you don’t want your child to drive an unsafe vehicle, choosing a modern vehicle or top-of-the-line model is going to cost you hundreds of unnecessary dollars in monthly premiums.

Shop around for the best price. You may be surprised at just how different the cost of teen car insurance will be between different companies. You may be tempted to simply add a policy with your existing car insurance company, but there is real value in shopping around, especially for teen auto insurance.

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