Best Free Online Car Games

This list of the 25 best free online car games will give you everything you need to know about the latest craze in online gaming.

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UPDATED: May 4, 2022

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Here's what you need to know...

  • Online car games are extremely popular
  • Driving a car in a game is far different from driving one in real life
  • Before you get behind the wheel, purchase insurance for your vehicle

Car games are the latest craze in online gaming.

There are thousands of video games to play for free online, but car games are among some of the most popular.

Have you ever wondered what the best car games are? What car games are free? What is the most realistic car game? Well, read the reviews on the Top 25 Free Online Car Games and find out all you need to know about car driving games!

As you read these descriptions and decide to play these later, consider taking better care of your own car by purchasing car insurance or having it checked by a mechanic if there are any underlying problems.

Cars are a significant investment, often costing upwards of $20K-$30K on average, even for the cheaper models. Although car insurance adds to the cost, it is required in some way, shape, or form by practically every state in the U.S.

Click on the pictures, play the games, and then compare car insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers for free today!

1. Dune Buggy

Created by: IriySoft
Date Created: 01/15/2010
Number of Plays: 32,040,288
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: PIP Car Insurance

Dune Buggy is a type of racing and adventure game that was created by IriySoft.

The object of the game is to score the maximum amount of points by scoring tricks while navigating through a series of obstacles.

The player navigates the world using a dune buggy that speeds across the screen through lots of peaks and valleys to perform tricks, but at the same time, they must avoid lots of obstacles.

The dune buggy is very easy to control, but the problem is that it can flip over quite easily if the tricks backfire or if it simply goes out of control.

 There are also objects that resemble a skull and cross bones that will subtract points from the player, so they must take care to avoid them.

Players have the option of playing this game with their friends online so they can compare scores, and ultimately receive certain rewards if they obtain a certain amount of points.

The game is very linear in nature, and it does take some time to get used to the controls since it is tricky to execute the tricks in the beginning.

It is not really about racing, but more about stunts and obstacles.

A medical or personal injury protection insurance policy covers all of the injuries that will result from these types of stunts, but be sure to check with your online car insurance policy first to see if this type of driving is permitted.

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2. Drag Racer v3

Created by: Phantom Games
Date Created: 02/16/10
Number of Plays: 38,042,082
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: PIP Car Insurance

Drag Racer is a fun racing game that was created by Phantom Games.

The object of the game is to basically win different types of races against various contenders.

The reason why this game is unique is because it has much more detail and customization than other racing games.

First of all, when the player first starts the game, they will be allowed to purchase a vehicle of their choice and select from brands such as BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Porsche, McLaren, Toyota, Nissan, Acura, Dodge, and a number of other famous brands.

Once the vehicle has been purchased, the player will have lots of options to customize the car to their specifications whether it is about the technical specifications or the physical appearance of the car.

Players can change the color of the car or improve the technical specifications like the engine and suspension to improve the performance of the vehicle.

When it comes to racing, there are three different types of modes available such as arcade mode, user mode, and online mode. The arcade mode is basically where the player buys a car and gets the chance to do a race at a level of difficulty of their choosing.

The user mode is more of a series of races where the players work their way up from the stock car to drag races.

Online mode is the chance for players to race against other players online and chat about the game and the latest strategies.

The controls can be slightly awkward as the space bar propels the car forward and the directions function as the stick shift. Overall, the gameplay is very simplistic, but the customization of the cars really makes the game stand out from the rest.

If you want to do drag racing in real life, you will definitely have to purchase a special type of medical or personal injury protection insurance policy designed for racers.

This type of car insurance coverage will be very expensive since they know you will be engaging in high-risk activities, but it will help protect you in the end.

3. Drivers Ed

Created by: Arkadium
Date Created: 03/19/2011
Number of Plays: 5,689
Type of Car Insurance for this Game: Liability Car Insurance

Drivers Ed is an educational driving game that was made by Arkadium.

The object of the game is to complete all of the driving challenges properly with a perfect score by not losing any points through violating rules.

It tests your driving skills in the game as well as your knowledge of the driving laws.

The player first gets the opportunity to select a driver, all of which are teenagers that have their own styles and interests. The player can also select their own vehicle, such as a sports car, SUV, or economy car.

The game just equates to a series of challenges with a driving instructor that provides instructions on how to complete a certain challenge like:

  • parallel parking
  • avoiding pedestrians
  • obeying traffic signals

If the player violates any rules like running a stop sign or hitting another car or pedestrian, then it will cause the player to lose a point and give them the option of starting over or moving on to a different challenge.

The driving rules that they test players on very simple and they are common knowledge to most people, but the problem is that controlling the vehicle is very difficult because it is operated by the directional keypad.

Playing this game is a great way to learn the rules of driving and it would be good for teenagers who are just learning how to drive, especially if they like video games.

The type of driving in this game is how people drive on a daily basis in the streets, but since all of the players are teenage drivers, they have much higher car insurance rates.

This type of driving is so common that they could just have the minimum liability coverage required by most states.

4. Freeway Fury

Created by: Crazy Monkey Games
Date Created: 08/02/2010
Number of Plays: 1,353,399
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Collision Car Insurance

Freeway Fury is a stunt driving game that was made by Crazy Monkey games. Freeway fury is a unique game because it is all about stunts and taking risks.

The object of the game is to score the maximum amount of points by jumping across cars and performing stunts to receive points.

The player starts in a nondescript car and races through a busy highway.

There is no way to avoid the cars, so the player is supposed to stop in the middle of the road and jump into another car.

The player receives points for successful jumps and for any other stunts like driving the wrong way and bumping other cars as long as they don’t completely crash the vehicle or splatter on the road.

The oncoming traffic poses the biggest threat because the player must avoid the traffic while attempting to jump to other cars.

If the player’s car has been hit then it will be physically damaged possibly start to smoke and eventually catch on fire if the player does not jump to another vehicle.

Also, the player must jump to other cars every so often or that will cause a countdown to start that will cause the player to lose points. All of the points and stunts help contribute to the nitro gauge, which allows the car to get an extra speed boost for better stunts.

Gameplay is literally fast and furious, so players must think on their feet and be able to look ahead in order to navigate the freeway without crashing or getting killed.

The controls are very easy to maneuver as the player only has to move left and right with the directional keys, but the key is to avoid all of the obstacles and traffic.

It is definitely not an easy game, but it is a quite fun and addictive because the player is always left wanting more.

This type of driving definitely requires some excellent collision coverage within the insurance policy because there will be many accidents. The other route would be to have a good driving record and save through car insurance discounts.

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5. Redline Rumble

Created by: Shockwave
Date Created: 04/28/2005
Number of Plays: 11,627
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability and PIP Car Insurance

Redline Rumble is a racing game that was created by Shockwave. It was made on April 28, 2005, and it has had 11,627 hits so far.

Since this is a racing game, the object of the game is to simply win the race against the computer.

The player gets a chance to select a car at the beginning and then they will be able to select a track to race on or simply allow the computer to choose by selecting the random option.

Unlike a lot of the other driving games, this one is all in first-person, so the player is literally sitting behind the wheel steering the car with the directional keys and space bar.

All of the races are pretty much the same except that some tracks are more difficult than others due to a lot of sharp turns. However, some of the tracks have other traffic and racers as well, so those can add an additional challenge.

The design of the game looks very old and outdated even though it is supposed to be in 3D. It probably did not look that bad when it was first released in 2005, but today it just seems old.

Despite its appearance the game is actually quite fun to play and the races never become monotonous.

Also, the soundtrack for the game is a little bit better than most of the other games online since there is pretty well-known rock music in the soundtrack.

This particular game is quite popular and it has actually spawned a number of sequels that are just simple variants of the original as there are three sequels.

For real life races, any responsible driver would purchase both medical and liability car coverage.

This kind of insurance would be an expensive policy, but it must be done in order legally to conduct the races.

6. Stunt Master

Created by: 2D Play
Date Created: 06/27/2010
Number of Plays: 10,220
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: PIP Car Insurance

Stunt Master is a stunt driving game that was created by 2D Play.

The object of the game is to successfully complete each of the stunts on the level without injuring the stunt man.

Extra points are given for shattering glass and crashing into certain items as long as it looks good.

The player has the option of selecting three different ways to progress through each level as they can use a car, a motorcycle, or just choose to run through the obstacle course on their own.

The car is a good option for most players because it drives at a good speed and it is very large and protective, so it will be more difficult to have accidents.

The motorcycle is very fast and it allows for better stunts, but the problem is that it is quite fragile and injuries are more common. Running through the level is really the most challenging option because the stunts are more difficult to execute and it is sort of slow.

Each level comes with a unique set of challenges and stunts whether there are ramps to go through, glasses to shatter, or walls to crush.

In the beginning of each level, the game will give you a preview of the obstacle course to help the player plan all of the stunts.

The early levels are relatively easy, but it does get more challenging later on.

Regardless of the challenge, it is very fun and some of the stunts are pretty cool. Stunt racing on motorcycles is so risky that most car insurance companies may not even want to provide that type of car insurance coverage, but ask around and be prepared for sticker shock.

7. Sim Taxi

Created by: GAO
Date Created: 02/03/2004
Number of Plays: 8,050
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability Car Insurance

Sim Taxi is a taxi driving simulator that was created by GAO.

Since it is a taxi driving simulator, the object of the game is to pick up passengers and take them to their preferred designations in order to get paid, earn a high score, and pay for gas and other accessories.

There are three different game modes: new game, time attack, and practice.

A new game allows the player to navigate around the city and earn money while being able to save their progress and reload the game later on.

The practice mode is basically the opportunity for the player to get to know the controls and understand how to navigate the road and find designations without the pressures of actual time and money being on the line.

The time attack mode is for more experienced players that already know how to play so they can reach the maximum amount of destinations to gain the most points.

The actual gameplay consists of the player driving around until they find a passenger and that is when they will request to go to a certain destination.

The player will get directions on top of the screen with a few arrows that will guide the player down each street until they reach the destination. Occasionally the passenger will try to talk to the player and ask them to change the radio station or to go in a different direction.

The player must reach the destination in a timely fashion, or they will lose money and points. In addition to those rules, the driver must also look for oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

The game play is relatively simple, but it is quite fun to discover new destinations and earn points and cash to get new stuff.

Driving a taxi is relatively safe and low risk, so the minimum car insurance should be sufficient.

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8. Parking Lot 3

Created by: Gamez India
Date Created: 05/05/2009
Number of Plays: 16,363,195
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability Car Insurance

Parking Lot 3 is a unique parking game that was made by Gamez India.

The object of the game is to get successfully into the parking space within a certain time frame while avoiding obstacles like traffic and other parked cars.

The player gets three lives, and they have a full bar of energy to consume as they hit other cars and obstacles.

Each time they hit anything like a wall, car, or pothole, they lose energy and points. The faster that the player successfully moves into the parking space, the more points they will get.

The graphics are very basic, but they are decent enough to see all of the details in the images. This game is mostly about puzzle and strategy because the player must take a look at the path to the parking space and figure out the best way to reach it without hitting any of the obstacles.

The overall gameplay is slow, and it requires the player to think a little bit they make a move because it can be difficult to maneuver the car away from the obstacles.

In the beginning, the levels are relatively straightforward, but they become increasingly difficult over time as they require more forethought and strategy.

This is a car game for the thinking person. The driving in this game is what people do every day when they drive through a parking lot. Admittedly, there will probably be a few dents and scrapes, the liability car insurance coverage would pay for that.

If you enjoy this game, then you would enjoy reading our Car Insurance Guide.

9. Lose the Heat

Created by: Spil Games
Date Created: 12/15/2007
Number of Plays: 7,714
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability and Collision Car Insurance

Lose the heat is a police chase game that was created by Spil Games.

The object of the game is to complete various missions from local bar patrons while evading the police at the same time.

The tasks are usually relatively simple yet time-consuming like if they require the player to drop of the patron at a certain location or retrieve certain items.

The maps are surprisingly expansive, so there are lots of cuts, corners, and crevices where the player can get lost.

Since this is a police chase game, they are hiding in many areas, which adds to the pressure since there is already a time constraint on the player from the bar patrons.

There is no true way to keep the police away from the player, but it is possible to create a diversion and through them off temporarily.

The game gives players an orange icon that they can drive through in order to stop them for a while. In terms of the tasks from the bar patrons, they start off easy but they gradually become more complicated as they sometimes require multiple stops in one mission.

The game displays a meter for progress on each mission during the game so the player can keep track of everything they need to do.

Obviously, as the player evades the police and completes missions, they must still avoid other traffic on the road as well as pedestrians and any other type of road hazards in the game.

The graphics are better than you would expect for a game like this, and the soundtrack is solid.

Overall, the game is an intense and high pressure experience for players who love the thrill of the chase.

Since this is really an intense police chase, there will likely be accidents and damage to property so liability and collision car insurance are necessary. However, the car insurance policy cannot help cover any of the associated legal costs that will result from the criminal charges.

Keep from getting a speeding ticket and you will have nothing to worry about!

10. Truck Mania

Created by: Peter Kaspar
Date Created: 05/09/2010
Number of Plays: 1,307,878
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability Car Insurance

Truck Mania is a truck driving game that was created by Peter Kaspar.

The object of a game is to make it through each level without damaging or losing the cargo.

The player is given the option of choosing from several different trucks with different levels of reliability, endurance, and speed, but the player can only select a standard model until they unlock the other models.

The player begins to drive a pickup truck with one or two packages on the back of it through a level that is filled with peaks, valleys, traps, and obstacles.

One or two dings and scratches will not end the game, but it will cause the player to see a decrease in their health meter.

All of the knocks and shocks to the truck can also cost the player valuable score points as well. Also, the truck is always at risk of flipping over or crashing as well.

Although there is no strict time limit, the player is under pressure to deliver the package safely within the shortest amount of time possible because the potential decreases with every second wasted.

In the early stages, the player will only have to prevent the truck from flipping over on hills, but things get more difficult later on as different types of machines and obstacles enter the path.

The player is given the option of selecting an easy or hard difficulty of the game and it is strongly recommended that beginners stick with the easy levels because the hard levels are more challenging than most people would expect.

A car insurance policy that covers all of the liabilities of transporting cargo should protect the driver and the company in real life.

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11. Traffic Slam

Created by: X Form
Date Created: 02/12/2009
Number of Plays: 38,992
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Collision Car Insurance

Traffic Slam is a demolition game that was created by X Form.

This game is unique in the sense that the object of the game is to damage as many cars as possible.

Despite its name, it is not really about avoiding traffic and obeying the laws because it promotes chaos and destruction of the player’s vehicle as well as anything else on the road.

The more damage that the player does to other vehicles, the more points they will receive for every hit, crash, scrape, and break they cause.

The game offers different types of power-ups for the player because they can increase the impact that they player will have when they damage other vehicles.

Although this would sound like a never ending for free for all, the game does have its own unique set of challenges and difficulties. The player must always remember that there are other cars on the road as well and they will also try to destroy the player if they can get the chance.

The player receives a health meter that declines each time they get hit by other cars, and the game will end once the meter runs out completely.

Occasionally the game will provide health recovery items that will replenish the condition of the car, but too many hits can also lower the player’s score.

Since the premise of the game is to crash into other cars, collision car insurance coverage is a car insurance requirement.

12. Traffic Jam

Created by: Nasty Pixel
Date Created: 10/18/2010
Number of Plays: 13,765
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability Car Insurance

Traffic Jam is a game where the player must navigate through traffic and crowded parking lots to get home.

This is a puzzle game, and it has nothing to do with racing except that it involves cars.

The object of the game is to find your way home to your wife by moving all of the cars out of your path.

The game consists of one location, and a number of different cars and trucks will be scattered across the road or parking lot preventing you from making it home, which is the ultimate goal on the left side of the screen.

The player’s greatest priority is not moving around their car; it is really about getting all of the other cars out of the way because the areas are so congested that there will be no way to move in the beginning.

The puzzles are quite challenging from the very beginning, and it does take some time to figure out what the right move is.

The player’s goal is to get home to their wife who is always texting and sending messages to the player like saying that she is worried or angry about the player being late.

There are two versions of this game available as there is a full version and a limited version. The full version includes all 38 levels of the game, but the limited version only includes 18 levels.

This game can be a lot of fun, but it requires a lot of thought and patience to enjoy fully.

Liability coverage should due for driving through a parking lot, so the top auto insurance company would gladly provide that coverage at a reasonable cost.

13. I Love Traffic

Created by: Armor Games
Date Created: 01/07/2008
Number of Plays: 661
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Collision Car Insurance

I Love Traffic is a game for people who love traffic and want to operate traffic lights.

The object of the game is to control the traffic lights and allow the traffic to flow through without accidents and collisions.

Although the game sounds very boring and simple, it is fast-paced and complicated.

This game is a puzzle that promotes quick thinking and forethought because the traffic comes at the player fast and furious.

Actually, there is no physical representation of the player as the player only gets to control a simple traffic light with only red and green lights. The player only has to make a click of the mouse to change the lights, but they must be aware that the traffic will continue to flow as long as the light permits.

If there is an intersection and the player does not change the lights quickly enough, there will be a pile-up and cause the player to start over.

Paralysis through analysis is also a bad idea for players because there is a time limit involved and it is is to the players advantage to get the traffic through as quickly as possible.

The graphics of the game are not the greatest, but they are clear enough to show the traffic and the cars properly.

There is no soundtrack to speak of, and there are only a few sounds that can be heard during the game, like the screeching of tires and the sound of metal smashing during a crash.

This game would probably appeal to someone who likes puzzles and strategy games, but it would leave racers and action fanatics very bored.

Although this game has very little action, there is a high potential for collisions, so a car insurance company would have to provide that coverage to keep all of the drivers safe. Safe driving is always best for insurance.

So stay away from being labeled a high-risk driver and needing high-risk car insurance!

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14. Create a Ride

Created by: Erik Wolter
Date Created: 04/19/2011
Number of Plays: 58,120
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability Car Insurance

Create a Ride is a car design game that was created by Erik Wolter.

The object of the game is to create a cool car that is to your liking and then show it off on the street in various scenarios.

This is a unique game that is not competitive in nature, and it does not have anything to do with scoring points or anything like that.

The premise is really about designing and customizing a car that the player likes.

The game offers the player a large variety of car models without mentioning brand names. The beauty of the game is that it allows for extreme customization and modification with everything from the engine to the color, spoiler, and headlights.

After the player has customized the car to their liking, they can then select different locations to drive the vehicle.

The player can go to different areas like a parking lot, garage, street, or even a car chase. Once the player is in one of these scenarios they will be able to drive the car, roll down the windows, and turn on the lights.

This is the entire experience that the game offers, so there is no actual challenge or catch involved at all. However, unlike other games, it is possible to save the model that you have built and compare it with other players who are online.

Since no one wins or loses in this game, it will probably not appeal to competitive people.

This type of game would not be suited to car racing fans, but it would definitely work for car buffs who love to modify and design their own cars. Since this is very low risk driving game, simple liability car insurance coverage would be enough to keep the driver safe.

15. Burnin’ Rubber

Created by: Diggy Games
Date Created: 12/16/2008
Number of Plays: 46,548
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: PIP, Collision, and Liability Car Insurance

Burnin’ Rubber is an action game wrapped in a racing game’s body, and it was created by Diggy Games.

The object of the game is to get first place on the race while taking out the other opponents.

This game is a blend of racing, action, and adventure because all of the races involve fighting and shooting with the competitors.

The player has the chance to select a vehicle of their choice for the race and each of them have numerous advantages and disadvantages based on the needs of the player.

The player can also select the weaponry of their choice as they can choose from lasers, flamethrowers, and guns.

The actual race tracks vary significantly as there are over 50 tracks to choose from, but they must be unlocked over time as the player wins races and prize money.

The races are very fast paced and they are timed very closely since the player must win in addition defending against opponents. Players must be careful not to get too distracted by the fighting and continue to concentrate on the race.

If the player actually gets first place or something close to it, then they will be able to win money that they can use to buy more weaponry or upgrade their vehicle.

There are also different modes where the player can do time trials, demolition derbies, and even rampages.

Burnin’ Rubber is a lot of fun and it is a great game for people that love racing and action at the same time.

Since this racing game is so violent and risky, a car insurance company would definitely have to provide full coverage for medical costs, collisions, and any other type of liabilities.

16. Alias Runner

Created by: Officine Pixel
Date Created: 10/17/2007
Number of Plays: 35,946
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: PIP and Collision Car Insurance

Alias Runner is a racing game that was created by Officine Pixel. The object of the game is to survive attacks from opponents while racing around the city to win races.

Alias Runner is a unique car game because it combines a street racing experience with street fighting.

There are over 10 tracks to choose from and the player can also select a wide variety of cars as well.

The races are very different from other car games because there is no track since all of the races take place around urban locations and cities.

In addition to racing around cities, the player must dodge a lot of different opponents who will try to attack them during the race.

The game starts with the player being given a destination to reach within the time frame so all of the other opponents are also racing in the same direction. As the race takes off, opponents will begin to attack the player, but the player must find a way to strike back with guns, missiles, and bombs.

The player has a health meter that declines each time they collide with their opponents, hit road hazards, or if they are hit by any attacks or projectiles and there is also a fuel gauge that declines throughout the race.

There are health recovery kits scattered across the road as well as fuel.

Navigating your way around the city for the race is tough enough, but it is also more difficult to find these items, which are often far off the beaten the path.

This game is a pure blend of cars, street racing, and action that will keep adrenaline junkies excited.

A good collision and medical car insurance policy is necessary because the other drivers always try to attack the player.

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17. Truck Launch Maniac

Created by: Solid Games
Date Created: 08/08/2010
Number of Plays: 695,165
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability Car Insurance

Truck Launch Maniac is a monster truck game that was made by Solid Games.

The object of the game is to successfully perform a number of monster truck stunts to gain the maximum amount of points.

The player is supposed to obtain the most amount of points available by executing cool tricks within the shortest amount of time.

Each level presents a number of different scenarios to execute tricks like there are ramps, hills, and etc. lined up for the player.

The biggest hazard is that the truck can flip over at times or the truck can be damaged in the process, which will cause the player to lose points as well as diminish the health meter.

If the player successfully executes a lot of tricks, then they will be able to use their points to purchase upgrades to the truck like bigger and better wheels, engines, and suspensions.

The gameplay is very simple, but the tricks can be somewhat difficult to execute since the controls are a little awkward at first.

The graphics are very retro since it seems to resemble an old Super Nintendo game, but some players enjoy that type of look.

The game is only fun for the first few tries because the level designs and schemes are very repetitive and it starts to feel like you are playing the same level over and over again.

This game does not involve any other vehicles, but there are a lot of obstacles on the road that could cause accidents so liability coverage should do the trick. You could always drive safe and keep away from becoming one of the car insurance accident statistics!

18. Monster Truck Curfew

Created by: IriySoft
Date Created: 06/22/2007
Number of Plays: 9,0780,442
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Collision, PIP, and Liability Car Insurance

Monster Truck Curfew is a monster truck driving video game that was made by Iriysoft, Ltd. The game was posted on June 22, 2007, and it receives 9,078,442.

The object of the game is to crush as many cars as possible while returning home within the time limit.

Unlike a lot of other games, this one actually includes some animated sequences with some spoken dialogue.

The sequences are not quite like a cartoon or anything that would be seen in regular video games, but they are much better than what you will find in other video games.

Basically, the story is that the female player of the game has a fight with her boyfriend so she takes his monster truck and tries to destroy everything in sight while she returns to her parents home before her midnight curfew.

The gameplay is very fun and easy as there are very few challenges and obstacles in the way. The player drives a large monster truck on a regular street where they can crush all of the smaller vehicles with impunity.

Although the monster truck does not have to compete with other monster trucks, the player is instructed to avoid animals, pedestrians, and certain oncoming vehicles that have the potential to flip the truck off the road.

Each stage is almost identical to the first one and none of the obstacles pose a significant challenge to keep the player interested for a long time. This game can be fun to play if you have a few minutes to spare, but not much beyond that.

Since this game has the player literally crushing and destroying other cars, medical, collision, and liability car insurance coverage are a necessity.

19. Rally Point

Created by: X Form
Date Created: 04/19/2011
Number of Plays: 58,120
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability Car Insurance

Rally Point is an off-road racing game that was created by X Form.

The object of the game is to win off road races in various locations like mountains, deserts, canyons, valleys, and etc. The game is pretty much like an off-road adventure with racing.

The tracks are large and expansive because the deserts and mountains can go on for miles if the player gets off of the beaten the path.

The player begins the game with only a few tracks available, but they can unlock many more tracks if they perform well and get high scores in the races.

Since it is still a racing game, there is a time limit in place and it is very competitive because the other trucks will try to run the player off of the road.

There are also different icons and boosters scattered across the road to temporarily increase the player’s speed during the race. Players can also arrange races with some of their friends online to compete and compare scores.

The gameplay is really a lot of fun and the graphics are actually pretty good for an online game because the natural locations are quite detailed. This game is great for people who like rugged off-road racing and adventures.

This game is one of the safest because the driver only has to compete with the natural surroundings. In that case, the driver should contact their insurance company and make sure that their liability car insurance covers off-road adventures.

20. City Drifters

Created by: IriySoft
Date Created: 03/16/2010
Number of Plays: 2,850
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability and Collision Car Insurance

City Drifters is a street racing video game that was made by Baller Arcade. The object of the game is to win the street races.

This game takes place within the street racing world in Tokyo, Japan, and the player is a street racer that must win all of the races to obtain the championship.

The races all take place on the streets of Tokyo, but there are a lot of different tracks available to the players as they unlock them over time. All of the racing tracks are expansive and visually appealing since there are so many bright lights and signs all over the streets of Tokyo.

The racers are sort of ruthless and they will try to run the player off the road if they can or cause them to crash into buildings and other objects. The biggest challenge is for the player to stay on the right track without getting lost or crashing into any of the buildings.

Since this game takes place in Tokyo, there are lots sharp edges and turns that can cause the car to crash, which is exactly what makes the game so challenging.

Once you actually get the hang of the races and begin to win or obtain first place, it will become even more fun because they can obtain cool cars and extras.

This game is undeniably fun, but it is more suited for people who already have a lot of experience with racing games because it is very difficult.

Street racing is universally frowned upon by all car insurers, but good collision and liability car insurance coverage may help.

21. Heat Rush

Created by: Long Animal’s Games
Date Created: 11/05/2007
Number of Plays: 1,477,343
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Collision and Liability Car Insurance

Heat Rush is a racing game that was created by Armor Games. The game was posted on November 5, 2007, and it receives 1,477,343 hits per month.

The object of the game is to win the race by obtaining the best time among the other racers.

This game is just like any other racing game except that it is a lot tougher in terms of the tracks as well as with the opponents.

This game is probably best for more experienced racing game fans because the tracks on this game extremely challenging because there are just a ridiculous number of twists and turns on the track.

The vehicles that they provide are decent, but it does take some time really unlock the better vehicles that will enable the player to win the races much more easily.

The vehicles are actually quite difficult to maneuver due to the awkward controls since down is forward and up is backward. The soundtrack is better than most as it has a lot of neat rock tracks thrown in for good measure during the races.

Overall, this is a game that more experienced players will likely be able to enjoy and appreciate.

Beginners and hobbyists would probably be better off finding an easier game to satisfy their passion for the road.

Racing is always risky, so collision and liability car insurance policies are a must for this type of driving.

22. Crazy Police Car

Created by: Andrew Madloch
Date Created: 07/22/2008
Number of Plays: 3,567
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Collision and Liability Car Insurance

Crazy Police Car is a car chase game that was created by Andrew Madloch.

The object of the game is to get the police car at the end of the street to clear the mission within a few minutes, but it must find a way to get past all of the traffic.

The premise of the game is that the player is in a police car and they are trying to chase a suspect down, but they are held up in traffic.

Instead of allowing the suspect to get away, the police car must chase the suspect down and still find a way to safely navigate traffic without hitting other cars or getting stopped completely.

The controls are easy to use, but it is really just about bouncing back and forth across the screen to avoid hitting other cars.

It is not so much about the chase because the gameplay really seems more like a puzzle; the player has to look ahead on the road and determine the right way to position the car in order to make it through.

The player can collide with other cars and it will not damage the vehicle or cause them to lose points, but it does cause them to lose valuable time.

The main challenge of the game is the fact that there is a very short time limit attached to each level like the first level only gives the player 30 seconds to complete the level.

The time limit actually gets shorter as the game progresses to next level and the traffic patterns also become increasingly difficult to navigate.

The longer it takes the car to get through traffic the lower the score and if the time limit runs out the player will have to start over from the very beginning. The graphics are shockingly simple and there is no complexity in terms of the environment.

It is very sparse and there is little else shown other than the cars and the road, which is very off-putting because most of the car games, at least try to make everything a little more realistic.

Noticeably, there is also no soundtrack present, but there are few sound effects that can be heard like the car swerving or clashing against other cars.

This sparsely designed and deceptively simple game is actually very hard and it is something that requires some focus and concentration to master because you will definitely not win on the first try.

Police chases would probably never be covered or condoned by a car insurance company, but strong liability and collision coverage would be the next best thing.

23. Day Drive

Created by: Mama Gama
Date Created: 05/05/2009
Number of Plays: 2,300
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Liability and Collision Car Insurance

Day Drive is a game that was created by Mama Gama. The object of the game is to receive the number one spot in the race without damaging the car too much.

A few dents and scratches will not cause the game to end, but it will slow you down and cause you to lose points.

The tracks in the game are well designed so they have the perfect amount of curves and turns without causing the player to give up in defeat.

Like most of the other racing games, there are actually over 10 tracks to choose from but they must be unlocked during gameplay as long as the player receives high scores.

The player also starts out with just one vehicle to choose from until they unlock the other vehicles once they win the races.

The other racers in the game are very competitive and they can make it quite difficult to succeed since they have some of the faster car models from the very beginning and the fact that they drive quite aggressively.

Another danger for the player to look out for is that they can actually flip over or go off the road very easily on certain tracks.

This game has the perfect balance of obstacles and challenges to keep you interested. With all racing activities, drivers should have liability and collision car insurance coverage in case any accidents occur.

If any accidents do occur, make sure you use our comparison tool to compare car accident insurance!

24. Car Chaos

Created by: IriySoft
Date Created: 09/02/2010
Number of Plays: 2,345
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: Collision and Liability Car Insurance

Car Chaos is a traffic game that was created by IriySoft. The object of the game is to keep the traffic flowing properly without any accidents, collisions, or pileups.

In this game, there is no car or traffic light present at all, so the player is just left with a mouse pad that they can use to click on the vehicles to cause them to speed up and pass through the intersection.

The entire screen in the game is completely static as it takes place in the middle of a busy intersection where cars continually speed through at every moment.

It is a very basic premise, but it can be difficult to keep track of multiple vehicles all at once. Dealing with one or two cars in the intersection is easy, but when they start coming out two by two, they become hard to manage.

If the player takes their eye off of the game for a second, then chance are that there will be a pileup.

The game will continue if there is a small collision or crash, but the player will lose a lot of points for it. However, if there is a huge pile up in the middle of the road with more than three cars, then the game will end and the player will have to start from the beginning.

Although this is a car game, it is more along the lines of a puzzle and strategy game where the player must foresee what are the right moves to make ahead of time.

This game is fun for people who are patient and enjoy these types of logic and thinking games.

Given that pileups and crashes are the part of the game, a car insurance policy should have excellent liability and collision coverage. Compare average car insurance premiums and find the best ways to save on car insurance!

25. Warzone Getaway

Created by: Box 10 Games
Date Created: 03/30/2011
Number of Plays: 9,211
Type of Car Insurance for this Car Game: PIP Insurance

The Warzone Getaway is a war game that was created by Box 10 Games. The object of the game is to defend your vehicle from soldiers from opposing armies.

Because the player does not control the vehicle, it’s hard to consider this a car game.

It is actually a first-person shooter where the player sits on top of a tank that is moving on the road and the player must take aim and kill soldiers from the opposing side that are trying to shoot back at them.

The other soldiers are usually on motorcycles or in cars or vans and they are relatively easy to take out individually, but they can be overwhelming if there are too many.

The player has the option of using tesla coils, lasers, grenades, AK-47, machine guns, and even a cannon.

Despite the war atmosphere of the game, it is actually quite silly because there are a number of celebrity cameos because there are characters resembling Mr. T, Sylvester Stallone, and a number of other action heroes and celebrities.

This type of game is great for people who love action and war games.

Unlike the other games that involve car insurance for accidents, there is no risk of collisions, but the need for medical coverage is enormous because the players really just shoot at each other.

Maybe you should look at combining health and car insurance as the ultimate protection and savings plan!

Play Car Games and Compare Car Insurance

Online car games are really popular and they are available on thousands of websites. Car games vary quite a bit; there are racing games, action games, and even puzzle and strategy games — something for everyone.

As you play the games, think about your own cars for a moment and make sure that the car is well maintained and fully insured, as most states have car insurance requirements.

Driving a car online is actually quite different from driving a car in real life. In video games, the car can get damaged with impunity because everything will be magically repaired if the player starts over.

The physics of the car in the game are somewhat unrealistic as well since cars do not move and fly into the air that easily.

Driving a car is a serious responsibility that takes practice and dedication to learn; it is not as simple as steering a virtual car.

When a car is involved in a collision, it is up to the driver to have the proper insurance coverage in order to cover the damage to the vehicle as well as anything else that was harmed in the accident.

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